6 Creative Ways To Incorporate Pebbles Into Your Decor

Who knew pebbles would make such great decorative accents for your home?

  • Centre of attraction
    This DIY vase makes for an elegant centrepiece in a living room, although it requires a bit more work. Using a glue gun, stick small pebble stones onto an empty Pringles can (or any long container) that you have already spray-painted with paint. Leave to dry, before filling the gaps with tile grout, available in squeeze tubes from hardware stores.
  • Gilded glamour
    Cultivate a spa-like ambiance in your home with tea lights. For an added touch of class, coat small pebbles with gold paint and then use them to decorate and hold your candle in place.
  • Green fingers
    These “cactuses” require zero maintenance and can last all year long! To achieve the look, paint stones in various shades of green for a more realistic effect, then draw the “spines” using a white marker.
  • Hang on
    Keep jewellery organised and tangle free with this series of pebble hooks! Simply paint the stones before securing them to your wall or the inside of your wardrobe with mounting tape.
  • Coast to coast
    Impress your guests with these resort-style coasters you’ve made yourself. Cut a corkboard sheet into a size and shape of your choice, coat it in paint, then stick pebbles – choose the ones that have flat surfaces – onto it using Mod Podge.
  • Make a mark
    Eliminate any confusion and label your herbs by repurposing pebbles as garden markers. All you need is some chalkboard paint and chalk. What’s great about them is that they are totally reusable if you’re thinking of growing something else.