6 Reasons Why Engaging A Professional Painter For Your Home Is A Good Idea

Whether you’re giving your home a fresh new coat of paint after a major renovation or simply just looking to update your current wall colours, the biggest dilemma is always whether should you do it yourself or hire a professional painter for the job. While painting is one of the easier DIY jobs that you can do at home, here are 6 reasons why engaging a professional painter for your home’s makeover is a good idea.

  1. They are better equipped with their arsenal of tools
    While painting on a canvas can be completed with just paintbrushes, painting the walls of a house requires more than that. Depending on the extent of paint works that need to be done, the project may require the use of specialised painting applicators, primers and spraying tools. If you have a multi-story home with high ceilings, there may even be a need for safety gear as well. Are you willing to spend time and money on specialised equipment? With their arsenal of tools, professional painters will come to any project equipped to complete the job, no matter the requirements.SquareRooms-Dulux-Paint-Package-Advertorial
  2. You can save time for the things that truly matter
    From prepping the walls to filling up any holes, laying plastic sheeting over the floor and taping wall edges, there are many things that need to be taken care of before you start painting. And unless you have an abundance of free time, setting aside a free moment to get these tasks done can be quite difficult, and can convert a job that usually takes days to complete, into a few weeks and even months. As such, let someone else do the job! With the help of a professional painter, you can save your valuable time and focus on doing things that you actually enjoy.
  3. You’ll pick better paint colours for the job
    When trying to determine paint colours for your home, one of the most challenging parts of the process is figuring out if the colour on the swatch will look best in practice. When you picture a specific colour in your head, it may look excellent, but when you actually implement it in in your home, it might look nothing like what you originally expected when paired with the sunlight and your furnishings. As such, professional painters are in a far better position to help you choose the perfect shade that will work best for your home.SquareRooms-Dulux-Paint-Package-Advertorial-2
  4. Unused materials will be properly disposed of
    When painting a house on your own, the work doesn’t stop after you’ve finished painting and put the brush down. Depending on the extent of the paint works, you might be left with old wallpaper, paint flakes and unused paint that has to be properly discarded before you can enjoy anything. With professional painting services, however, that’s never a concern. They will know and follow the proper procedures for disposing of these materials, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  5. The result will be thorough and detailed to perfection
    Anyone can paint, that much is true, but there’s more to painting your home than just picking up a brush and bringing it to the wall. Dripping paint, uneven trim lines and missed patches are just some mistakes that can happen to amateur paint jobs. But with a professional painting company, you’ll never have to worry about these things as they pay close attention to details that you might not have noticed. They also have significantly more experience prepping walls in a manner that makes paint last longer. From understanding which paint brush or roller works best on the type of wall you have to using quality products to stripping off old paint before starting on the new paint job, professional painters follow every step of the process to ensure a perfect outcome.SquareRooms-Dulux-Paint-Package-Advertorial-3
  6. You’ll get greater insurance with reduced stress
    For any type of project, hiring professionals means that they are licensed and insured to do your job, and professional painters are no different. This means that if a problem arises halfway through the paint job, the painters are contractually obligated to correct it, giving you peace of mind. In addition, any damage is covered by the contractors and you won’t have to worry about the expenses that would go into the repair. However, note that there are conditions that apply, so make sure to discuss this with your contractor before commencing work.

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