6 Unexpected Feature Wall Ideas

The secret to a standout home is to introduce an unexpected finish or two. Here are our top picks of out-of-the-ordinary wall surfaces.

 Get creative with concrete

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Image credit: Concrete LCDA

The popularity of concrete continues well into 2016. Aside from cement screed finishes, concrete surfaces have evolved into polished looks. The quilted pattern on this wall may look like leather panels, but are actually lightweight concrete wall panels.

Tap into tapestry

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Image credit: E&A Interiors

Tapestries, one of the big trends of 2016, are loved for their intricate patterns. They are also intertwined with the world’s cultures. The Ikat pattern is a hot pick among interior designers around the world. So what better than a vertical surface for appreciating the exquisite design?

 Go for metal

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Image credit: Series Supplies

Want to add to the industrial look? Bring a touch of metal into the home; in this case, oxidised metal. The patina of well-worn metal surfaces brings character into a space. These porcelain tiles are easy to clean and have been given a glossy finish for a sophisticated feel. You don’t even have to restrict it to the industrial-style interior. The variegated surface material is versatile enough for contemporary and eclectic interiors.

Try a different shape

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Image credit: Hafary

When installing wall tiles, don’t be afraid to play with shapes and alignment. Or go for tiles in unusual shapes like these hexagonal wall tiles. Irregular textures on these tiles also evoke a casual ambience.

TIP: Instead of covering the entire wall, try covering half or more of the wall to add depth to your space.

White out

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Image credit: Design Hub

If you find colourful patterned floor tiles too much for the senses, black and white versions are a welcome option. Monochromatic tiles also carry a sense of timelessness. They provide excellent contrast to all-white spaces, and give your abode the charming feel of Singapore’s much-loved black-and-white bungalows.

TIP: Even with patterned walls, you can also introduce patterns in your soft furnishings or furniture. To avoid a cluttered look, remember to play with patterns of different scales.

 Choose a different kind of wood

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Image credit: Goodrich Global

Woodgrain finishes are a perennial favourite, but why not go for bamboo instead? Wallcoverings today come in natural textures like this collage of bamboo on coloured lacquered background. Bamboo can evoke different moods. Here, you’ll get the ambiance of a tropical beach cabana!

This was adapted from an article originally written by Rossara Jamil in Ideal Homes Vol.8 2016