7 Bright Ideas To Light Up Dark Living Spaces

With these truly illuminating touches, dark and dull homes will see the light.

  • Sweet candlelight
    Lantern Tealight Holders
  • Cluster chic
    Cluster Light Pendants
    Up your lighting game with a large cluster of pendants. It’ll have a similar effect to a glamourous chandelier, just less maintenance and a more current vibe.
  • Decal delight
    Whale Wall Decal
    Having seen homes overwhelmed by an overkill of wall decals, we reckon all you need is one. Use that special sticker to create and define a concept corner, like a reading nook or a sideboard with your favourite things.
  • Tile lustre
    BULEVAR Wall Tiles
    When choosing wall tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, go for something with a bit more sheen. It’ll help reflect a wider expanse of space, creating a brighter and more inviting ambience.
  • Marble marvel
    Marble Bathroom Accessories
    Steal the timeless grace of luxury stones with marble bathroom accessories. A little sparkle can go a long way.
  • Small talk
    Ambient Lamps
    Light can change the mood and it can also make an enlightening statement. Especially these LED conversation starters with four interchangeable messages.
  • Soft highlight
    Recessed Lighting Bedroom
    Recessed lighting is a great option to highlight certain areas of the room. The halo-like glow casts a gentle aura and in this case, you can even have it emulate the look of a small window opening.