7 Creative Ways To Turn Your Living Room Into A Space Of Many Possibilities

  1. Having a raised platform in the main living room creates a space for quiet meditation or family activities like card games.
    Ideal Design
  2. If your pet is part of the family, create an animal haven for your furry friend with pet-family design touches.
    i-Bridge Design
  3. Merge the living room and balcony by levelling the floors of both areas. For a seamless finish, clad them in similar flooring and enjoy the additional room.
    i-Bridge Design-Living-Room
  4. The living room can be a place for work and study with the addition of a compact study table.
  5. Grow a garden on the window of your living room. These planters from Greenbo are a fuss-free way of keeping plants indoors. Its uniquely-shaped pot will perch nicely and securely on your window stills.
    Greenbo Designer Retailing Planters
  6. Throw a soft rug and some cushions on the floor and you’ve got yourself a cosy, reading corner. Alternatively, use the balcony space for a light-filled area to enjoy your reads.
    i-Bridge Design-Lounge
  7. By raising one of the four separate lift-up panels from this transformer coffee table, you can quickly create a compact work station. It is able to elevate up to 20cm and can swivel forward by 15cm, without disrupting entertainment necessities neatly tucked within its crevices.
    Tavoflex Swing Up Table

This was adapted from an article originally written by Jasmine Goh that appeared in the October 2012 issue of SquareRooms.