7 Easy DIY Decor Ideas To Spice Up Your Bedroom


Adorn your bedroom with these easy-to-make Boho-inspired decor.

Hand-painted cushions 

Enhance your bedroom with these hand-painted pillows. Get your hands on a simple cushion, some fabric paint and masking tape. Tape to mask out the spots you want to keep colour off before painting or freehand it for an original look.

handpainted cushions bedroom decor DIY

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Organising boxes 

Give tired brown boxes a makeover with a coat of white paint. If you are worried about the mess, print out Aztec patterns and stick them onto the flat surfaces or combine the two methods for a swanky finish.

organising boxes DIY bedroom decor

Featuring Rhus carpet, $83.95 at HomesToLife.

Leather hanging hooks

Stow your belongings on these nifty leather straps instead of classic shelves. Choose a piece of coloured leather and cut it into strips. Halve the strips by folding it and pin them up. Loop blankets or towels through them or slot loose papers into the loops.

leather hooks bedroom decor

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Framed pressed flowers

What’s better than a pressed flower? A pressed flower display. Stick fresh flora or your favourite leaves in a tissue and press them with books. Once dry, remove and place them in the frames. Note that you have to purchase two frames for each DIY display – an extra piece of glass is needed to sandwich the petals in place.

pressed flowers DIY bedroom decor

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Repurposed glass vase

Here’s an idea on how to revamp those ubiquitous glass bottles you have laying around the house. Snip off a bit of twine, and knot the cut end before curling it around the base tightly. Repeat the steps for a similar effect on the stem. Glue down any loose ends to fasten the twine in place. Easy enough to replicate, you can even make multiples for your friends as gifts.

DIY bedroom vase

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Embellished mirror 

Pick up a round mirror from a craft store. Place it on a bit of cardboard and trace around it. Ensure that the circle you have drawn is larger than your mirror to ensure the section is extended for the petals to rest on. Attach the cut circular board to the base of the mirror and embellish it with potpourri in your favourite shades.

mirror flower bedroom decor

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Stunning wall hanging 

Have spare threads of yarn lying around? Trim them down to your desired lengths and secure them on a small wooden stick or dowel with a lark’s knot. Once you have secured enough pieces for a visually arresting wall hanging, snip off the ends to create a chevron shape. Tie some raffia string on the ends of the stick and display your handiwork.

wall hanging DIY bedroom decor

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This was adapted from an article that appeared in the August 2016 issue of SquareRooms.