7 Smart Ways To Keep Your Space Organised

Keep your kitchen and work area in neat order with these space-saving tips and organisation solutions.

  • Cupboard plan
    King & King Wong Utility Rack

For effective use of space between shelves, use divider racks which will increase storage possibilities. That way, you won’t have to worry about stacking up a dangerously high level of servingware.

  • Space savers
    Joseph Triscale Tangs

Living in a small space often affords us with less countertop space and storage space in the kitchen. But with some ingenuity, your limited space can still be functional. One way is to look out for space-saving kitchen gadgets – these can be stacked into a compact shape when stored and thereby take up less space than their typical counterparts.

  • Counter support
    Tangs Salt and Pepper Shakers

Maximise the space of your countertop by using a cake stand to hold all the seasonings you frequently use. Not only is there additional space to arrange other condiments and spices at the base, it also makes your counter look less cluttered.

  • Board meeting
    Whiteboard Decals Pinnacle Wall Arts

Make use of the wall space by utilising it as a command centre. With a corkboard, whiteboard, and wall calendar to keep notes and serve your organisation needs, you will also find that this area can be used as a mood board to fuel your inspiration.

  • Open sesame
    Rococo Chalkboard Decal

The back of your pantry provides the idea location to keep a running shopping list. Instead of sticky notes or a hanging clipboard, a lick of chalkboard paint instantly turns the door into a canvas for making a list. For a fuss-free alternative, use a chalkboard decal that you can easily apply and re-position.

  • Mail management
    Decorative Pots King & King Wong

That unruly pile of mail that includes bills, letters, and junk will probably continue to grow unless you set a system in place to organise the incoming paperwork. With a row of baskets or small pails on your desk, you can quickly sort through your mail. At a glance, you know what needs to be addressed first.

  • Streamlined storage
    Storage Boxes King & King Wong

For items that you need within easy reach, or if you just don’t have enough drawers, store them in sturdy boxes on your desk. Label each box or container so that you can quickly retrieve the things that you want. For a look that is neat and tidy, choose boxes that can stack atop each other.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Jasmine Goh that appeared in the March 2013 issue of SquareRooms.