7 Straightforward Storage Ideas For A Simple And Smart Living Room


When it comes to keeping your living room tidy, there’s no other obstacle greater than clutter. Capable of transforming an otherwise beautiful space into a literal junkyard, haphazardly-placed items are the bane of any home that wishes to keep up an appealing image.

Nonetheless, creating an ideal space doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Take a look at these straightforward, but smart storage ideas that will help you achieve your dream living room in no time:

Get a rear console

squarerooms-livingroom-3dconceptwerkeCredit: Three-D Conceptwerke

While a console table might not be the first piece of furniture that comes to mind when kitting out a living room, its usefulness is nonetheless indisputable. Place one at the rear of your living room as it can serve double duty as a storage unit and a display shelf.

Tuck away electronics in wall recesses

squarerooms-livingroom-dreamvisionCredit: Dream Vision

Have an entertainment system that comes with all the bells and whistles? You might want to cut down on cable clutter by storing electronics and wires in wall recesses. Apart from keeping your living room visually clean, these nooks also come in handy for small living rooms as they do not take up additional space unlike freestanding furniture.

Make full use of long walls

squarerooms-livingroom-hueconceptCredit: Hue Concept

Maximise long stretches of empty wall in your living room by creating a television console that extends from one end to the other. For a lighter look, consider installing floating cabinets as they can keep a space from appearing heavy and grounded.

Use crates as freestanding storage

squarerooms-livingroom-prozfileCredit: Prozfile

While they are more likely to be found in a factory or warehouse, crates can make for useful storage options for a rustic or industrial-themed interior. Pair them with other wooden furniture and/or raw surfaces for a distinctive weathered look.

Build around a TV

squarerooms-livingroom-skycreationCredit: Sky Creation

Maximising the amount of storage space in a living room does not always necessarily mean building up or down, going around is a feasible option as well.  Create a wrap-around structure of shelves on a TV wall and you will get an attention-drawing frame, in addition to extra storage options.

Adopt an unconventional layout

squarerooms-livingroom-unitydesignCredit: Unity Design

Dare to play around with unconventional layouts to make the most of your living room space and storage options. In the case of this apartment, the TV console was relocated from the front wall to the side, in order to accommodate longer cabinets as well as an integrated shelf for a speaker

Have a mix of different storage options

squarerooms-livingroom-ikeaCredit: IKEA

If you simply can’t make up your mind on what storage options to choose for your home, why not have all of them for an eclectic look? Just remember to make a mental note of which cabinet you have played your house keys in!