8 Awesome DIY Homes For Your Plants

Regular gardening pots may be serviceable containers for your homegrown greenery, but they can get boring pretty quickly with their unspectacular silhouettes and earthy surfaces. Consider grooming your blooms with these clever DIY planter ideas that will also boost your home’s appeal.

1. Glass bottle planter

Empty drinking or even ink glass bottles come in handy for this colourful endeavour. Pour in paint into the respective bottles and don’t mind the uneven veining – it’ll make a stronger artistic statement.

2. Vase planter

Zest up an ordinary vase by arranging lemon slices within its base. It definitely makes a refreshing centrepiece.

3. Lightbulb planter

Buds in a bulb! Carefully empty the lightbulbs using pliers and a screwdriver, then drop in small pebbles and a seedling for a really cutesome terrarium.

4. Paper cone planter

Don’t these pretty cone shapes remind you of the old-timey snack, kachang puteh? These adorable mini bouquets were made from rolled up wrapping paper.

5. Wood log planter

Drill holes into hollow decorative logs (we got these from Daiso) and let your air plants sprout.

6. Grain sack planter

Soft, pliable grain sacks make good planters too. Just scoop in soil and get ready to prune.

7. Teacup planter

Fill a teacup with pebbles and your plant. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

8. Geometric concrete planter

Not for amateur DIY-ers, cast cement into a geometrical plastic mould for this totally store-bought looking industrial piece. We love that it can sit in different angles and that means catching more rays!