8 Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Space With Soft Furnishings

We’ve rounded up some styling tips to revive your tired interiors using textiles.

Set the tone with a rug

A rug serves as the foundation for any room. It not only pulls colours and design elements together for a harmonious look, it also helps to define the zone and soften its ambience.

living roomImage credit: Kuhl Home

Add a plush cushion or two

Besides using cushions to hide your well-worn sofa, these soft furnishings can be easily updated. Just swap out the covers according to mood, theme or season!

sofaImage credit: Window Campaign Shoot

Include a throw

This versatile style maker can be draped over the couch, a timeworn chair, or folded at the foot of the bed to add visual interest. It’s especially handy for the upcoming cold weather.

throwImage credit: Shakiraaz Handmade Throws and Cushions

Reupholstering works wonders

Give your old settees, dining chairs and poufs a new lease of life by reupholstering them for a fresh look.

small sofaImage credit: Second Charm

Hang up curtains

Aside from shielding your home from the sun’s glare, curtains add to its aesthetic appeal. With the array of textiles, styles and colours available, there’s sure to be one that suit your tastes.

curtainsImage credit: Crate & Barrel

Throw in fluffy towels and a luxurious bath mat

We have to admit that the best bath space is that of a luxury hotel’s. Emulate the vibes by stocking your own bathroom with plenty of clean, fluffy towels and adding a patterned rug for more character.

bathroomImage credit: Cluster-Cluster

Update your dining table with a table runner

Whether it’s a simple luncheon or an extravagant dinner, you can always impress your guests with a great tablescape. A runner that complements the colour scheme of your serving ware makes your dining table appear more put together. Plus, it saves your precious table from potential spills and stains!

dining tableImage credit: IKEA

Cosy up your bedroom with new linens

As the most intimate room in your home, your master suite deserves the best. Employ premium bed linens to imbue different atmospheres.

bedroomImage credit: IKEA

This was adapted from an article originally written by Fidz Azmin published in the October 2016 issue of SquareRooms.