8 Quirky DIYs You Can Do With Lego Bricks

Here’s how you can put your childhood Lego bricks to practical use for your home.

  1. Cable organiser
    Lego people can be utilised as cute-as-a-button phone cable organisers/holder. Secure the character with heavy mounting tape to the desk for a resilient hold.
  2. Deer head mount
    Yes, your own deer head mount is buildable. If you’ve stuck on the bricks snugly, you can even use it as sturdy jewellery hook for lightweight chains.
  3. Clock
    Tell the time with Lego bricks scattered around a square plate. The only tough part about making this contraption is inserting the clock’s motor through the plate by hole-drilling.
  4. Bathware
    Waterproof with its shiny plastic material, Legos make good bathroom wares. Create a toothbrush holder with drainage at the bottom, or dunk the bricks into see-through hand wash gel to make hand-washing a tad more fun for the kids.
  5. Photo frames
    With its signature rounded bumps, Lego pieces have a distinctive pattern and this is especially evident when used as photo frames.
  6. Magnets
    We all know Legos go together but now, behold its magnetic powers. Just stick magnetic tape underneath the base for a super grip.
  7. Key holder
    A perfectly functioning system, this Lego holder lets you hang up your keys by sticking the key chain to the hosting surface. Best part? No drilling needed!
  8. Door unit
    Door units can look so mundane. Piece together your own figures for a really cool-looking spin!