A One-Step DIY Project That Adds Instant Style To Your Home

Who needs customised stone overlays or granite slabs when you can achieve the stone-veneer look instantly with textured spray paint? Rock new decor looks with this one-step DIY project.

Rock a new clock 

Pebble spray DIY project

Featuring (from left) Vila candlestick, $95, Victorian cat sculpture, $80, tealight holder, $10 and Lugano sideboard, $1,895 at BoConcept.

We removed all the numbers and front glass from the face of this clock to complement the au naturel look and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Tip: Tape down the hands of the clock so you can avoid the hassle of removing them before spray-painting.

Stylish jewellery holders in a snap

Jewellery holder DIY project

Featuring brown cowhide Magic rug, $2,495 at BoConcept.

If you’ve always wanted to switch up your nondescript jewellery holders for something more fancy to match your bling, this is it. No need for elaborate trinket boxes – just make over your existing containers with a few coats of Krylon Stone Fine Texture Granite spray magic for a rockin’ new backdrop to your ornaments.

Even ring-holders can get the granite treatment! We love how gold pieces are set off gorgeously against the dark grey texture – all the better for that Insta-worthy moment when you add new pieces to your collection.

Take your planter to the next level 

Planter DIY project

Featuring Lugano cabinet, $1,395 and X letter sculpture, $20 at BoConcept.

This takes the glass beaker trend to a whole new level. Just spray three-quarters of the flask with Krylon Pebble paint for a magical, matte finish on the glass – and enough room to see greenery poking out from the neck of the beaker that doubles up as a planter too.

Update with granite 

Stationery upgrade DIY project

Featuring (from left) Al tealight holder, $20 and natural clay vase, $10 at BoConcept.

With granite-textured spray, you can give your colleagues some serious stationery envy at the workplace. The best part? Even old, mildewed office supplies can look instantly brand-new and on-trend with this eye-catching texture.

Instant stonework 

Tray and hand DIY project

Featuring (clockwise from top left) Felty cushion, $45, leather cushion, $195, green marble tealight holder, $36, jade and black votive tealight holder, $10, Valencia side table, $445 and Monika rug, $1,595 at BoConcept.

Here’s another simple household item that looks deceptively elegant – this tray can literally be the lid of any ordinary gift box. In fact, this is a great way to recycle unwanted but functional packaging! (If it looks completely different, it’s not considered re-gifting, right?)

This spray-painting business is so addictively easy that virtually anything goes! This hand sculpture is a styrofoam piece we got from Art Friend, transformed into a beautifully-textured statement accessory with the help of Krylon Make it Stone! Textured Paint.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Lee Kai Lin in the July 2016 issue of SquareRooms. Photos by Wong Weiliang; craftwork and art direction by Neo Aik Sing and Linda Setiono.