These Award-Winning Sofas are a Must-Have in Every Living Room

When it comes to buying furniture, finding the right balance between durability, build quality and functionality is crucial, but it can be a difficult task. Thankfully, Australian furniture retailer King makes it a whole lot easier.

With over 40 years of industry experience, the family-owned business stands at the forefront of Australian furniture design, leading in the realm of accessible luxury furnishings. Its range of sophisticated, modular sofas is crafted with a mindful understanding of ever-changing living arrangements, offering the kind of flexibility that contemporary households need to transform multifunctional spaces for any occasion. Tailor-made to meet your exact specifications, King sofas give you the freedom to choose your own configuration, materials and colours, requiring only eight weeks of production time at the company’s own facilities, where the brand oversees the whole process from the design to the final sale.

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Not only are these sofas award-winning and long-lasting thanks to King’s sturdy engineered steel frame, but they’re also timelessly chic, bringing high-quality design and luxurious comfort into every home. Plus, with interest-free instalments and the brand’s famous 25-year steel frame warranty, furnishing your home with peace of mind is now more accessible than ever.

Modular innovation

With a mix of tried-and-tested manufacturing methods and innovative design, King is able to offer an extensive selection of sophisticated and award-winning furniture pieces to suit every homeowner’s needs.

Among the brand’s international bestsellers is the Jasper II sofa, a winner of the Good Design Award in 2019 and the epitome of King’s modular build quality. With its versatile and flexible design, this high-comfort sofa can be configured into various layouts using a series of moving platforms, cushions and shelves. Whether you’re looking for an L-shaped couch, a roomy parallel seater or even a large double bed, the Jasper II sofa can do it all.

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Jasper II

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a particularly sleek sofa design with show-stealing lines, slender steel legs and deep seats, the Zaza model will be just the thing for you. This stylish seater is not just enticingly comfortable with an organic build, it can also be personalised to your comfort with adjustable arms and legs, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Whether you’re team Jasper II or team Zaza, you can now head over to for the brand’s big CNY Sale, with up to 50% off selected designs and interest-free purchases all around.

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