5 Irresistible Backsplash Designs for a Unique and Contemporary Kitchen


Infuse your kitchen with some flavour with these irresistible backsplash designs—and say hello to a unique and contemporary look!

Curves and arches

What’s not to love about an arched wall feature? We especially love arched walls in the kitchen, be it at the entrance or as a frame for your backsplash.

If you’re feeling bold, go for something a little more unique, like these stunning Morocco-inspired arches.

Marble veining

Nothing says luxury like a touch of marble. A black-and-white marble pattern keeps things extra minimal for a highly modern kitchen design.

Warm up the look with an earthier marble design. This works particularly well if you have wood-look kitchen fittings!

Geometric tiles

Hexagonal tiles are a timeless staple in contemporary kitchens. If you prefer a straight edge, have your contractor arrange the tiles so they line up perfectly at the top.

If geometric patterns are your jam, don’t stop at hexagonal tiles. Consider more unusual patterns and make sure to take your time to pick the perfect one to suit your style.

Of course, retro tiles have their own irresistible charm. While we love them in a maximalist kitchen, they can go a long way to brighten up a more minimalist home as well.

Pop of colour

If you don’t have the budget for arches, marble or fancy tiles, don’t despair—paint can make for a perfectly good backsplash too! Keep things simple with a solid paint feature to visually differentiate the backsplash from the rest of the kitchen.

Alternatively, try your hand at some colour blocking and play around with geometric designs. If you have kids and want an especially personalised space, ask them to help out and see what their creativity unleashes onto your walls.


Terrazzo is a lovely pattern to pair with almost any kitchen design, be it bold and colourful or soothing and down-to-earth. We especially love a good pink and terrazzo combo.

Terrazzo is undoubtedly beautiful, but sometimes it can feel a tad overwhelming. If you’re not a fan of the large splashes of colour, go for a more subtle style of terrazzo, with tiny specks in down-to-earth tones.