Bold and Colourful Tile Trends You Should Incorporate into Your Home

Tiles have been a staple in our kitchens and bathrooms for years, but recently we’ve seen a lot of homeowners step out of their comfort zones and explore bold, colourful patterns and unique designs. So, we went ahead and asked the experts for their take on these striking new trends—read on for Soon Bee Huat‘s tips on making these eye-catching patterns and lively colours work in your own home.

Which of these tile trends are you most excited about?

squarerooms soon bee huat sbh tiles fun kitchen backsplash orange black

Fun collection

We love patterned tiles with a bit of a nostalgic influence that yet look new and modern. They can make for a nice pop of colour, especially when paired with a neutral backdrop. Enlarged terrazzo designs are also among our favourites, adding plenty of character and personality to any home. They tend to be suitable for eclectic interiors as well as sleek, modern ones.

Dynamic, vibrant solid colours are of course at the top of our list, too. We have been seeing tile designs that rekindle the more colourful side of ceramic surfaces, going hand in hand with bright and dramatic furniture trends. These are also often combined with geometric patterns, inspired by the 60s and 70s; they can easily evoke a vintage flavour at home and make for great Peranakan-inspired interiors as well. If the Mediterranean vibe is more your thing, we have been really enjoying tiles like the ones you would find in Barcelona, which come in particularly detailed designs and soothing colour combinations.

Finally, an overarching trend that we’ve spotted is to do with the actual texture of the tiles. Homeowners are beginning to appreciate the tactile surface of the tiles they choose more and more, recognising that touch can influence the mood of a room as much as visual aesthetics.

How would you encourage homeowners to go out of their comfort zones and try new tile designs?

squarerooms soon bee huat sbh tiles hub blue kitchen white

Hub collection

A lot of Singaporeans are hesitant to try out new interior trends for fear that they will get old and go out of style. Instead, they go for the “timeless” looks that are not always as daring. While it’s true that there are new trends that pop up every now and then, most of the trends we see are old favourites that resurface and pop up consistently. So, there really isn’t that much of a risk when opting for bolder tile designs, as they are likely to be back in style sooner rather than later.

Some of the tile designs that we’ve seen pop up time and time again are black and white marble, terrazzo, terracotta, cement and subway tiles, as well as faded decoratives.

Where do you recommend applying bold and colourful tiles in the home?

squarerooms soon bee huat sbh tiles fun yellow black white bathroom bathtub

Fun collection

While they can be applied anywhere, you’ll want to opt for a relatively small area to avoid overwhelming the eye. Some good examples are the kitchen backsplash, a part of the kitchen or bathroom floor, a feature wall in the bathroom or living room or an accent wall in the corridor.

What’s your top tip for choosing between all of the striking tile designs out there?

squarerooms soon bee huat sbh aegean tiles terrazzo large bathroom luxury gold white black mirror

Aegean collection

You should pick a design that represents you and tells your story, or simply something that makes you happy! Tiles are not just functional surfaces, they also help to express who we are in our own homes, emphasising our best features the same way our clothes do. Plus, they’ll make for a long-term backdrop for your selfies and we-fies, so pick them wisely!

How do you recommend pairing tile designs with popular interior styles?

squarerooms soon bee huat sbh tiles frammenti kitchen red

Frammenti collection

We always recommend mixing and matching tiles with various furniture elements and textures in order to create some visual interest and avoid monotony. If you want to stick to a particular style, opt for faded wood and metal-look tiles in either a very large or very small format for an industrial look. The Scandi style, on the other hand, can be achieved by pairing light wood with white marble-look tiles in hexagonal shapes.