6 Charms Singapore – A Modern Take On Feng Shui

One gets the sense that 6 Charms Singapore – which is named after the six aspects of life (wealth, health, career, family harmony, marriage and romance) – isn’t your typical feng shui consultancy. The firm has been in the industry for 18 years. Over the years, it has stayed ahead of the curve by modernising through corporatisation. Instead of a “key man” business model, which emphasises on a charismatic individual, 6 Charms has chosen to build up its identity by generating greater brand awareness. The firm even has a sizeable online presence. It website, which provides tips from how to achieve familial harmony to guarding against negativity in the workplace, Facebook page and Instagram have enabled them to stay relevant to a younger audience.

Sean Lui, the principal consultant of the feng shui consultancy, wants to dispel the notion that fengshui is a miracle cure. He explains, “Feng shui is a manipulation of the environment to our advantage, and that takes time to come into effect. Most cases take up to six to eight months.”

If you ask him, Sean will say that feng shui is not a superstitious matter. He says, “You need to keep an open mind about it. It’s all about the positivity of the mind. When you have a positive mindset, good change can happen.”

While 6 Charms serves mainly corporate clients, particularly those in the banking sector, it also provides personalised services on the individual level. “For our individual customers, we focus on the general harmony. What we want to do for them is to improve their general well-being,” says Sean. “To do so, we will first assess your birth chart and spend time talking with you to find out more about your needs. Then, we will recommend a certain formula to help you. If you are in the high point of your life, we will push your further to achieve your best. And if you are at the low point of your life, we will provide a way for you to buffer against those difficulties.”

Services they offer include manipulating your home environment to create a more harmonious flow, and selection of wedding dates and Chinese names for newborns. Most of their individual clients have been with the company for over 10 years, as 6 Charms believes strongly in seeing their clients through the different stages of their lives. “We always keep a case open for up to three years. We are not a ‘fly-by-night’ enterprise; we understand that people’s priorities tend to change every three years or so, so we want to stay by your side during these transition periods, understand the change that is going on and then advise you and steer you in the right direction,” says Sean.

In recent years, 6 Charms has also been involved with numerous charity events with non-governmental organisations, schools and hospitals under the Chinese Heritage Foundation, an establishment set up by the company to promote Chinese culture and heritage. The firm plans to also expand their retail arm, which sells mid- to high-end art pieces. In the pipeline is their own art gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This was adapted from Brand Story vol.1 2016