Build the Smart Home of Your Dreams with these Stylish, Modular Furnishings

Our world is constantly changing. Over the span of just two years, our homes have become office spaces, gyms and even schools, all the while continuing to provide the rest and comfort we need in the midst of a pandemic.

This changed the way we live and appreciate our abodes; many homeowners started favouring calm, functional and minimalist living spaces. Our priorities were streamlined: sinking into a sumptuous bed or winding down on a comfortable sofa became significant pleasures of life—and the convenience of a smart home transformed from a luxury to a necessity.

squarerooms king living jasper ii sofa white minimalist modern australia home room couple sitting

Jasper II

While many smart home appliances are strictly functional and not mindful of style, smart furniture from KING ensures maximum convenience and comfort without compromising on chic, modern design.

For instance, the sleek and luxurious Jasper II sofa comes equipped with Smart Pockets, which keep all the essentials within arm’s reach and can also be used to integrate lights, speakers and even charging tables. Offering the ultimate combination of relaxation and flexibility, this sofa can also be configured into a gorgeous double bed.

squarerooms king jasper ii sofa guest bed woman sleeping

Jasper II

No matter your preferred configuration, the Jasper II offers unparalleled comfort thanks to the brand’s signature steel frame, Postureflex Seating System and feathery Ultradown. On top of that, it also comes with a handy storage compartment that’s easily opened up with an ergonomic, single-handed lift—a discreet and effortless way to keep bedding and other essentials neatly stored away.

For the real tech buffs out there, the new KING Cloud V is a must-have to fully indulge in your home cinema. This cutting-edge seater transforms into a space-saving recliner for full-body comfort with TouchGlide control, a high-end system that allows you to adjust not only the seat but also the head and footrests, memorising your preferences for instant customisation.

squarerooms king sofa couch cloud v leather brown dark man reclining

KING Cloud V

Like the Jasper II, the KING Cloud V is built on the brand’s famous steel frame and imbued with the Postureflex Seating System. It’s crafted with a sleek, low silhouette and refined with layered cushions to boost your comfort. The KING Cloud V also comes with a host of optional smart accessories, such as the Smart Arm, which provides extra storage for remote controls and other devices.

squarerooms king bed bellaire model white grey orange wood paneling wall

Bellaire bed

In the bedroom, the Bellaire bed is our go-to for smart and connected sleeping quarters. This contemporary bed frame maximises both sleeping space and comfort with a breathable, padded base, as well as integrated lighting and minimalist side tables.

squarerooms king eto desk smart furniture connected home dark office study

Eto Desk

If you’re hoping to furnish your home office the smart way, KING also offers the Eto Desk, an ingenious work table that seamlessly equips both lighting and wireless charging, resulting in a single, space-saving design with a sophisticated aesthetic.

A collaboration with award-winning furniture designer Tom Fereday, this customisable desk is the first of its kind to offer interchangeable lights and chargings solutions, making it entirely adaptable to your own lifestyle.

From modular sofas to smart beds and even integrated desks, KING offers everything you need to build the smart home of your dreams—the easy way. Visit the KING showroom on 22 Kallang Avenue to find out more or book an online consultation now at to shop from the comfort of your own home.

Content produced in partnership with KING.