Carousell 101

How to shop for second-hand furniture on Carousell for a budget-friendly home makeover.

If you’re new to buying second- hand furniture online, feeling a bit lost on Carousell or struggling to find the items you desire—this guide is for you.

Image courtesy of SPACEJOY, UNSPLASH

Consider your requirements

First of all, consider what condition you’d like your furniture to be in. Vintage collectors may prefer items in “Like New” condition, which tend to be well preserved, while others are open to “Well Used” pieces they can get for substantial savings or even for free.

Try different keywords

Not all sellers name their items the same way or include helpful keywords. To optimise your search, use general descriptive terms instead of overly specific ones.

For instance, if you’re in search of a “vintage wooden dining chair,” you may want to begin your search with “wooden chair” to access a wider variety of options. You can use search filters such as item condition to further narrow down to only second-hand listings.

Make use of the filters

You can sort and narrow down results based on your preferences by setting filters like price range, deal method, location, product details and item condition. Sorting the results by “Recent” will also allow you to browse new listings that are relevant to your search while avoiding repeated listings you’ve already seen.

Bonus tip: You can even try the photo search function to find furniture that is similar to your desired piece.

Know how to negotiate

Bargaining is a natural part of the buying process. However, it’s crucial not to over-negotiate, especially when it comes to items you truly desire. Excessive bargaining may result in losing out to more enthusiastic buyers.

To make the negotiation process more efficient, respond promptly to messages and express your interest if you’re genuinely interested in the item. Also, before negotiating, compare the listed price with retail pricing when possible to understand the difference.

Engage a moving service

Furniture can be bulky and heavy, so consider engaging a moving service to help you pick up your items and drop them off at your place without extra hassle.

Image courtesy of SPACEJOY, UNSPLASH

What you may not know is that you can actually find reliable furniture movers directly on Carousell— do your research, compare the rates and choose what suits your needs.

Do a little DIY

Pre-loved furniture tends to be a little rough around the edges. Rather than shying away from these worn pieces, try giving them a second life with a bit of a makeover.


Repainting, decorating and customising old furniture according to your preferred style can transform it into something unique and personalised that fits your interiors. It’s a creative (and budget-friendly!) way to breathe new life into second-hand furniture.

Be patient

Dedicate sufficient time to browsing, concentrate on your needs and—most importantly—be patient. Building your ideal home takes time, and each piece you carefully choose contributes to a space that reflects your unique style and personality.