Cleaning Hacks That Make Use Of Common Household Staples


A petite flat might be cosy, but extra storage space can come at a premium. Streamline your stash of tools and supplies with these simple cleaning hacks that make use of daily items.

Baking soda as fabric cleaner
It might be an oft mentioned trick but applying diluted baking soda to dirtied fabrics is indeed an effective way of removing stubborn stains on dirtied fabrics. But why, you may ask? This is because of baking soda’s alkali properties, which make it a natural cleanser and an overall great solution to stains caused by perspiration, coffee spills and more.

Coffee stains

Tackle stains with lemon rinds
Yet another popular natural cleanser that is highly effective against tough stains is none other than the humble lemon. This sour-tasting fruit is mildly acidic, making it effective for removing grease and hard water stains. Soak a couple of lemon peels in vinegar for a week before using them to rub away bathroom and/or kitchen grime.

Lemon rind stains

Pick up small bits of dirt with masking tape
Masking tape can be used for more than putting things together! Make use of its sticky adhesive surface to pick tiny hair strands off the floor or to remove the lint from your laundry. Accidentally dropped a cup or plate? Rather than picking up those dangerous glass shards with your bare hands, use thick pieces of tape to safely remove them.

Masking tape cleaning

Reuse old toothbrushes as cleaning tools
They might be frayed, but old toothbrushes still have their uses. Rather than throwing them out, make use of these bristles-on-a-stick as cleaning tools. With a bucket of soapy water, these toothbrushes can be put to good use for scrubbing out mold between grouts or other tight spaces. Just remember to sterilise them with hot water and some bleach solution before use!

Toothbrush towels

Scour away stains with a pumice stone
Pumice stones are porous abrasive rocks that are formed when molten lava mixes and cools in water. While they are commonly used for removing calloused and dead skin, these natural personal hygiene tools can come in useful for clearing up burnt food bits on a stove, or accumulated crud in the bathroom. Gentle scrubbing is highly advised as these stones are rough and can cause surface scratches.

3M Scotch-Brite

This was adapted from an article originally published in the August 2017 issue of SquareRooms