Colour Focus: Get Inspired by these Green Kitchen Designs!


No colour is trendier than green right now, especially in the kitchen! Here are some of our favourite designs to get you inspired.

Green + patterned tiles

Whether it’s applied across the floor or backsplash, a black-and-white pattern is always a good design to mix with green cabinets, grounding the bold hue against a monochromatic backdrop.

Green + wood textures

Green and brown often appear side by side in nature, and it thus follows that they look pretty great together in the home as well. If you’re aiming for a slightly rustic look, pairing green cabinets with wooden countertops or flooring is always a safe bet.

White-painted panelling complements this look particularly well.

Subtle green hues

Not everyone loves the boldness of deep green cabinets. If you like the green trend but are somewhat put off by the strength of the colour, go for something more subtle, like a pastel olive green or a pale sage hue.

Green + more colour!

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Go for a bold combo of bright colours or alternatively combine soft green with other pastel tones for something sweet and subtle.