Create Your Ideal Sleeping Environment With This Range Of Modular Mattresses 


If you’re particular about your bed and sleeping environment, you’ve probably spent hours searching for the ideal one. And while searching for the perfect one, you’d have visited a number of retailers and tried sleeping countless mattress just to figure out which on was just right.

In a bit to help you create your ideal sleeping environment, King Living has come up with a solution that promises maximum comfort as you sleep. The King Living Sleep+ range of mattresses is an award-winning modular system that allows you to customise the material and firmness of your mattress to suit your personal comfort. The Sleep+ range was recently awarded the prestigious Good Design Award Gold Accolade in the Product Design category for its outstanding design and innovation.


If you take a closer look at the mattress range, you’d understand why it received such recognition. Created for different types of people with different sleeping habits, Sleep+ mattresses support, reacts and adapts to the body as it regulates airflow to maintain your body’s natural temperature.

Comprising three layers with an optional fourth component, the mattresses are made of premium sprung, breathable support and stretch knit fabrics. The modular mattress starts with three different types of KingCell Pocket Coil Spring system. This is followed by a Comfort Layer that can be customised according to your preference – from Hybrid latex and memory foam to just memory foam. The top layer of the Sleep+ mattress is the Fit Cover that can help you to maintain optimal body temperature or cool you down depending on the material.


The modular system also includes changeable components that allows you to tailor the mattress according to your requirements. The top layer can simply be unzipped to allow components within the mattress to be changed when needed. You can even add the King Living FlexMat for added support and comfort as and when you prefer a firmer sleeping surface. It is also ideal if you share your bed with a partner and one of you prefers firmer support as you sleep.

It goes without saying that sleep is one of the most important element for your wellbeing. With King Living offering offering 0% instalment payment plans on the Sleep+ range, allowing you to stretch your payments up to 24 months, getting your nightly dose of good quality sleep is more attainable than ever.

This post was brought to you by King Living