Dare To Bare With These Open-Concept Bathrooms Ideas

One of the latest bathroom design trends that have been growing in popularity is to have an open-concept space that blends with an adjoining bedroom, resulting in the two spaces being in full view of each other. Helping your bedroom appear larger, bringing light into a traditionally small bathroom space, and exuding a spa-like atmosphere – what’s not to love? Take a look at some ways homeowners have adopted the open-concept look into their private chambers, and be inspired.

Achieve a hotel-like effect
Replacing an en suite bathroom’s wall with glass is probably the easiest design modification to make for an open-concept bathroom. Resulting in a look and feel that’s most commonly seen in hotels, you can also consider cladding the walls and floor in marble-effect tiles to further enhance the elegance of the space. And if space allows, you can include a standalone tub that’s going to create an extremely luxurious and generously spaced private sanctuary for yourself.


Image credit: Rezt & Relax Interior

Partition the space with a fixed divider
If you’ve decided that an open-concept bath fits your lifestyle but aren’t fully ready to commit yet, segregating it with freestanding cabinetry is a good choice. As it’s not attached to or supported by any of its surrounding structure, natural light can still flow through the bed and bath, and the overall room still feels more open. But because it’s thicker than a normal partition wall, it can also double up as a sink-cum-storage area.


Image credit: Brown Design Group

Stay open while feeling contained
Providing privacy while maintaining the openness that small spaces seek, removing only the doors to your bathrooms are another great way to implement an open-concept floor plan into your private living chambers. And if absolutely necessary, you can consider installing pocket doors or sliding partitions to hide an open bath from view as and when needed.

Image credit: Union Studio

Image credit: Union Studio

Get the best of both worlds
If you’re worried about privacy but still want to get the luxury of a spa-like experience, don’t fret, for there are plenty of ways to get the best of both worlds. Be it using blinds (make sure you install curtain tracks) or frosted glass across specific areas that you feel most uncomfortable out in the open, these are great alternatives to having just a full glass partition between your bedroom and en suite.

Image credit: Prozfile

Image credit: Prozfile