Designing Your Family Home? Here’s How Blogger Michelle Hon did it

Known to her large audience as The Chill Mom, Michelle Hon began her online journey as a blogger back in 2013. What started as a small platform to record her experience with pregnancy and being a new mum quickly grew her an enthusiastic following, accompanying her on her move from Sydney to Singapore.

Having now settled down with her husband and three kids, she finally got to craft her dream home right here in Singapore, opting for a variety of her favourite KING furnishings to make her family home come to life.

Favourite piece: KING Seymour Chair and Foot Stool
Top feature: Space-savvy design
Colour palette: Muted grey tones
On her wishlist: KING Bellaire sofa

In fact, Michelle believes that furnishing a house is the step that finally makes it feel like a real home. While she loves style and design, she also emphasises comfort, quality and price as important considerations when choosing furniture, encouraging us to always opt for pieces that are made to last and that make us never want to leave our humble abodes.

squarerooms michelle hon influencer singapore couch sofa king living mom mum woman lounging blue chair ottoman reading magazine

The Seymour High Chair and Foot Stool are two of Michelle’s favourite finds.

“I like mid-century, stand-out pieces while my husband prefers a clean, minimalist theme. Our home is a combination of both,” she shares, with KING’s minimalist yet eye-catching items tying everything together. “What tipped the scales is that you can make every piece your own by personalising the fabric and leather cover. For some pieces, you can even customise the wood.”

She cites the Seymour Chair and Foot Stool as two of her absolute favourite finds. “We wanted the chair for a specific corner of our living room but we weren’t sure whether we had the space for the footstool as well, so we bought the Seymour Chair first. It looks good on its own, but we were really happy that it leaves enough space for the footstool without overcrowding the room. I also like that the blue provides a pop of colour in our muted palette.”

squarerooms michelle hon study desk work home office wood floors chair king living woman writing working

The Eto Desk seamlessly integrates power, wireless charging and lighting.

While the footstool doubles up as an extra seat when guests come over, the Seymour Chair has been turned into Michelle’s work-from-home station. “The chair is so comfy. I use it in conjunction with my Eto Desk, which I like a lot. It’s minimalist and has a slim, almost hidden drawer. I added a reading light and charging pad to make it my own. Now I could sit at the desk for hours because I have everything I need within arm’s reach.”

Not only are these pieces from KING stylish, comfortable and multifunctional, but they also create little nooks of comfort all over the house, giving it that sought-after homely feel. “We don’t exactly need the Uno Ottoman at the foot of our bed, but it fills up the space perfectly and makes our bedroom look warmer. Whenever our kids come into the room, the ottoman is where they settle. It makes our bedroom another space to come together within the house.”

The kids make the living room their own, too. While the Crescent Large Ottoman is mostly used as a coffee table, it occasionally becomes a seat for the young ones and even gets pushed aside when it’s time to do cartwheels. Admiring the multifunctional nature of these pieces, Michelle assures us that the ottoman manages to look good even on those chaotic days, no matter the scenario at home.

squarerooms michelle hon grey sofa ottoman wood rattan tray top down flatlay candle

“I love staying at home now. I believe in energy; if you’re in a space that is beautiful and comfortable, you have better energy and clarity of mind.” With the combination of long-lasting functionality and dreamy aesthetics, the KING furnishings in Michelle’s home ensure that her family will get to enjoy their brand new abode for a lifetime.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in Key to Your Home 2022.