Watch Your Dream Home Come to Life with Lamitak’s Interactive Showroom Experience

Ever wanted to play interior designer and breathe life into your dream home? At Lamitak Studio, the brand’s spacious showroom in the city centre, you can make that dream come true.

squarerooms lamitak showroom studio city centre interactive virtual interior design with laminate sample tiles and touch screen

The world is your oyster

With its vast array of laminates to choose from, Lamitak Studio is every homeowner’s ultimate playground. Instead of basing your next renovation on small tile samples, this interactive space allows you to see Lamitak’s range of colours and textures in their full glory. Sorted into an accessible material library along the showroom’s walls, the large-format laminate sheets measure a whopping 90cm by 240cm. And there’s a whole lot of them too—a total of 79 two-sided panels, showing off everything from wood-look to marble-style textures. Each sheet can be easily pulled out along a special track, allowing you to get up close and personal and appreciate each pattern in full detail.

squarerooms lamitak studio showroom laminate tiles samples size wall wood marble stone look selection shop

On the opposite side of the Studio, the rest of Lamitak’s collection is lined up in smaller sample sizes, including the brand’s bolder and brighter shades and fabric textures. A nifty appliance stands on a table near this display, complete with buttons that activate light in four different tones. Simply grab a tile off the shelf and hold it under the light to discover how it will look throughout the day, be it in a cool, fluorescent home office or the warm glow of a sunset.

Interactive design

While the showroom’s material library makes for a memorable sight, it’s the area upstairs that will truly bring your dream home to life. In a cosy room set up like a living area, a chunky table takes centre-stage, harbouring a one-of-a-kind virtual design experience. Using the built-in touch screen, you can choose from four home templates, including a loft apartment and a family suite, and then design that space to your heart’s content! Just pick out your favourite tiles from the upstairs selection and place them on the numbered patches on the touch screen. A large projection of the home you’re working on will transform in real time, incorporating the laminates you choose as you go about your design.

Not only is this a fun and imaginative way to start crafting your dream home, it’s also an educational experience for homeowners who may never have tried their hand at designing. As you switch out your laminates and try out countless combinations, you start to get a good sense of how colours and textures can harmonise and clash. A pretty valuable skill when your actual renovation rolls around!

Curious to find out more about Lamitak Studio? Watch the video below to see more of this interactive space.

Visit Lamitak Studio today at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61, Singapore 338729 or give the showroom a call at 6592 5200.

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