Easy DIY Projects To Turn Your Old Books Into Treasured Keepsakes

If you have plenty of books lying around the home and can’t bear to toss them out, these DIY projects will give them a new lease of life. The best part? These easy DIY projects allow you to create functional furniture or chic decorative accessories in no time at all. And they make for great gifts!

  1. Side table
    Pile them up, then place a tray or stable flat surface on top to make an adjustable height table.SquareRooms-DIY-books
  2. Memory box
    Hollow out a book with a craft knife to hold keepsakes and other trinkets.SquareRooms-DIY-books-box
  3. Layered art
    Print pictures over the pages for a visually arresting art piece. If the page is an odd size, tape it over paper before printing to hold it in place.SquareRooms-DIY-books-framed-pages
  4. Table clock
    Make your own with a DIY clock kit (available at craft stores) or disassemble an existing timepiece. You can also paint the book to make your creation more unique.SquareRooms-DIY-book-clock
  5. Photo frame
    Cut through the cover and create wide to narrow cuts through the pages to create a sweet bevelled frame for your favourite pics.SquareRooms-DIY-book-frame
  6. Patterned lampshade 
    Stick pages on an old lampshade for a soft lovely glow when you turn on the light at night.SquareRooms-DIY-book-lampshade