Elevate Your Kitchen Aesthetic with these Premium Kitchen Appliances

For the true foodies and home chefs among us, the kitchen is the heart of the home; it doubles as a flexible place to entertain and a space where culinary experiments play out. Combining aesthetic form and functionality with the right kitchen appliances can make all the difference in how our food turns out.

The two key appliances in a functioning kitchen are the stove and the fridge. Terrence Quah, Director of Architology Interiors, shares that durability and functionality are non-negotiable for your kitchen appliances. “I also look out for consistency in the materials and simplicity in the layout.”

Here, Terrence highlights his top tips and unique features from V-ZUG’s line of premium kitchen appliances to support a wide range of cooking styles.

A flexible induction hob

squarerooms vzug kitchen induction cooktop stove fullflex flexible heating points multiple pots and pans appliance cooking

V-ZUG’s Excellence Line CookTop FullFlex combines beauty, flexibility and innovation. It is an extremely versatile zoneless induction hob and equipped with 48 state-of-the-art inductors that automatically detect the position and size of the cookware, allowing up to six pots and pans at once.

“An induction hob with multiple heating points will allow you to personalise the way you cook,” shares Terrence.

For a small space, like a dry kitchen, consider a two-zone induction hob. “An interesting option is the V-ZUG Compact Series CookTop, which has an extra-wide panorama cooking zone that makes it extremely flexible. It’s a very practical format which departs from the standard two-zone induction hob dimensions.”

A generous double-door fridge

squarerooms vzug architology interiors kitchen luxury modern design marble island

V-ZUG’s Supreme Line fridge and freezers fulfil your high-end lifestyle needs with luxury, high performance and durability. It is also the only fridge to have achieved three energy-efficient ticks in the luxury category.

For the adventurous home chef with an open kitchen, one of the best fridge configurations is the side-by-side double-door fridge. V-ZUG’s Supreme Line fridge boasts a generous storage capacity of up to 626 litres. Not only is the stunning front panel made from a single piece of chrome steel, but its stainless steel interior and freely adjustable InfinityShelf system make it easy for anyone to personalise the layout with no height limitations.

Whether you are storing prepacked meals or an entire tiered cake, the cooler’s versatility will make space for all of your creations. Its high-performance cooling technology will keep your food fresher for longer, offering separate humidity zones across various drawer compartments for optimal storage.

When it comes to the extra bells and whistles you can choose for your fridge, go for an ice maker—a super handy feature to have in the kitchen! The Supreme Line fridge has an integrated IceMaker. Its cube dispenser refills automatically when connected to the main water supply.

A wine cooler for perfect wine storage

squarerooms vzug kitchen luxury modern interior design black island wine cooler white cabinets window

V-ZUG’s wine cooler has two temperature zones to optimise storage for a variety of wines. Inside, it has removable wooden shelves, enabling easy handling and optimising its aesthetic appeal. The highlight is its handle-free glass door, which opens and closes with just a gentle touch.

For the true foodies with the extra budget, consider opting for a wine cooler. This will allow you to store your wine at the ideal temperature, forging the perfect union with your mouthwatering meals. If you’re wondering why you can’t just store your wine in the fridge—well, you can, but it’s not ideal!

“Some fridges have a rack for storing a few bottles of wine, typically limited to three bottles or so. Anyone with the intention of keeping more should definitely invest in a proper wine cooler. It will maintain the bottles stored on their sides and allow the wine to be set at the ideal temperature for either further maturing or serving,” explains Terrence.

He’s a big fan of the V-ZUG range of wine coolers. “What I like about them is that, unlike most wine chillers, they’re not limited to being installed as under-counter appliances.” In fact, the full-sized wine cooler lines up perfectly with the brand’s refrigerator, making it extra visually appealing for a kitchen that maximises functionality and elegance.

No matter how demanding your requirements are, you will be pleased to find the right pieces across V-ZUG’s range of premium appliances. Explore the carefully curated selection in person to experience their revolutionary features and make shopping for your kitchen a breeze.

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