Equipped With The Inferno Wok Burner Technology, Tecno’s Newest Cooker Hobs Will Make Meal Prep Easy


Cooker hobs no longer simply serve a functional purpose in the kitchen. With more homeowners paying attention to how a hob’s exterior can complement their kitchen aesthetics, the design of this fixture is rising on the list of things to consider when choosing the ideal hob for your kitchen.

Checking both boxes in terms of practicality and design, Tecno’s popular Inferno Wok Burner now flaunts two brand new designs in tempered glass (T23TGSV) and stainless steel (SR838SV). Whether you are for the classic stainless steel look, or a fan of the more modern and sleek tempered glass finish, these new appearances are specially designed to satisfy both types of homeowners. The T23TGSV is also available in three colours – black, ceran grey, and optic white – to match any kitchen setup.

tecno hob

Stainless steel or tempered glass, both cooker hobs do not sacrifice practicality for design, each living up to its name as “the most powerful burner in the market to date”.

The T23TGSV and SR838SV hobs are both catered to provide maximum flame efficiency and power, simplifying your cooking sessions down to the T. Piston-like cylindrical chambers within the Inferno Wok Burner create longer and more intense flames, speeding up heat transfer from burner to food, and giving your dishes that desired ‘wok hei’ flavour.

Equipped with the Variable Valve System (VVS) for enhanced versatility, both hobs are also confident of supporting varying cooking styles, from slow simmering to heavy frying. The strategically-placed burners make multi-tasking a breeze by being able to accommodate an XXL and 2 medium-sized cookware all at once. Additionally, each hob is in-built with an instant ignition safety valve device that cuts off gas supply should the flame get extinguished by accident, ensuring users peace of mind every time.

Coupling a sleek design with optimum performance and excellent lifespan, there’s no denying that the Tecno T23TGSV and SR838SV cooker hobs are a kitchen essential for all home cooks.

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