An Expert Guide to Blinds, Curtains and Other Window Treatments for Your Home

You may think that there’s not much you can do with your windows, but have you considered honing in on your window treatments? From blinds to curtains and even window films, there are countless treatments to personalise how natural lighting streams into your home!

Not sure what’s right for your windows? Here’s a breakdown of each window treatment from curtain and blinds specialist Softhome, so you can make an informed decision.


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Duette blinds

Be it Venetian, Roman, roller or combi blinds there’s bound to be a style that’s right for your home.

Venetian blinds

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Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds consist of connected, horizontal PVC or wood strips that tilt in unison, allowing for maximum control of light and privacy.

The PVC option is moisture and heat-resistant, making it a great choice for very humid environments, such as the bathroom, while timber blinds make for a dashing addition to the living room or bedroom.

Roller blinds

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Roller blinds

Made up of a single, soft panel that you roll up and down, roller blinds allow you to adjust how much natural light enters your home.

As opposed to standard Venetian blinds, roller blinds come in lots of different designs, textures, patterns and prints, with over 180 designs in the Softhome collection. You can even choose between blackout, dim-out and perforated fabric to suit your lifestyle.

Bamboo blinds

Evoking a rustic, Bali-inspired ambience at home, bamboo blinds are also very sturdy and a great choice for any space, especially thanks to Softhome’s protective varnish.

Ziptrak blinds

Originating from Australia, Ziptrak keeps out rain, dust, heat and insects from semi-outdoor spaces, all the while providing privacy, natural ventilation and UV protection.

Combi blinds

Also known as Korean blinds, rainbow or combi blinds are made of two fabric layers, one sheer and somewhat perforated and one more opaque.

By adjusting the layers individually, you can fully control how much light streams into your home at any given time. You can even choose a layer of blackout or dim-out fabric to fully obscure the room when needed.


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Day curtains

Choose between day and night curtains and pick your favourite fold style to suit your home aesthetic.

Day vs night curtains

Sheer, lightweight day curtains add softness and diffuse natural lighting, while night curtains are great for bedrooms and allow you to get better sleep by blocking out all of those bothersome street lights. Ideally, pair day and night curtains for more versatile lighting control.

Blackout vs dim-out fabric

Blackout curtains block out any and all light so they’re perfect for bedrooms and even home theatres. They also maximise privacy and keep the room extra cool, which makes them ideal for a tropical country like Singapore.

On the other hand, dim-out fabrics cool down your home and keep out the harsher sun rays while still allowing some light into your space.


Motorising your curtains (and blinds!) can be a really handy way to automate things at home.

Instead of walking around the house pulling curtains close and opening them back up in the morning, fit out your curtains with Somfy for quiet, seamless automation and let the motor do the work for you.

In case of a power outage, manual operation still remains possible!

Window films

If you want to keep your interiors as minimalist and low-maintenance as possible, opt for window films instead of blinds or curtains. The Aegis solar film from Softhome reduces UV rays in your home by up to 99%. To cut down as much glare as possible, choose a darker film.

A frosted film is a great option in the bathroom, where you want plenty of privacy and don’t necessarily need a fantastic view. Softhome’s frosted films come with EasyOFF, an adhesive that allows for fuss-free, clean removal.

Wall coverings

While not window treatments, wall coverings can go a long way to enhance your interiors and how they interact with natural light. Once you’ve picked your ideal window treatments, round off your shopping with wall coverings from Japan, the US and Europe at Softhome!

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