Here’s How these Families Future-Proofed their Homes For their Growing Kids

As your lifestyle evolves, so should your home. Here’s how modular furniture has helped homeowners in Singapore make the most of their apartment space.

Chok and Yvonne

Nothing will change your life as drastically as having a child. With a growing toddler at home, Chok and Yvonne have to constantly adapt their Holland Road condo as they face new challenges and lifestyle changes every day. Their top tip for tackling this tumultuous time? Opting for modular furniture that can evolve alongside your family.

squarerooms chok family king living portrait couple with baby toddler cream background minimalist

Homeowners Chok, Yvonne and their 20-month-old daughter.

“We wanted to create a home that allows us to be ensconced in an intimate space after a long day of being plugged in, while also providing an adaptable space for our fast-growing toddler,” Chok shares. His personal favourite picks are the Plaza and Zaza sofas, which complement each other and their surroundings with ease.

The Plaza sofa’s modularity allows it to be reconfigured at different times of the year to lend a fresh perspective to their living space. Its interchangeable arms and backs move with ease to form numerous configurations and will adapt to the family’s changing needs over the years. With a harmony of clean lines and soft elements, the Plaza sofa also fits perfectly in this wabi-sabi inspired abode that favours a light colour palette.

squarerooms king living furniture plaza sofa couch beige cream white couch living room studio periphery photo modern minimalist furnishings apartment

KING Plaza 2-seater sofa with chaise. Image courtesy of Studio Periphery.

Originally a part of their previous home, the family’s Zaza sofa is still in excellent condition, having now found a permanent spot in their study. The clever modular design of the award-winning Zaza features adjustable arms and backs that move seamlessly to suit the couple’s respective comfort levels. Chok likes the flexibility and ease of putting down the sides of the Zaza sofa to turn it into a day bed, or simply taking out the armrests for a totally different look.

Sam and Kam

Two expats from the UK, Sam and Kam originally moved into their condominium unit in Sentosa by themselves, needing a spacious sofa to lounge in after a long day at their demanding tech jobs. “I love the comfort and the depth of the sofa. It’s perfect to sink into and relax,” shares Sam. “Plus, visitors always compliment our Max sofa!”

squarerooms king living furniture max sofa couch grey couch living room photo modern minimalist furnishings apartment expat couple child toddler dog golden retriever family

Sam and Kam on the KING Max sofa with their son and golden retriever.

As the couple grew into a family, the Max sofa also grew with their needs. A few months after moving in, they adopted a golden retriever puppy, Summer, who now loves chilling on the four-seater. They also welcomed a baby boy last year, and the whole family enjoys spending time and admiring the spectacular sea view together from the comfort of the Max sofa.

The extra ottoman allows the family to reconfigure the layout when they have guests over or when they need a bit more personal space, allowing each family member ample room to stretch.

squarerooms king living furniture max sofa couch grey couch living room photo modern minimalist furnishings apartment closeup

The bolster and cushion can be adjusted to suit your individual comfort level.

The Max sofa brings relaxed sophistication to their living space, its clean lines and generous seat cushions making it a real statement piece in the living room. Engineered for comfort, the sofa features the famous KING steel frame, complemented by the Postureflex seating system designed to provide the ultimate in support and lasting comfort, not to mention a 25-year steel frame warranty. Perfect for those long Netflix marathons—with or without the baby!


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