First Impressions: Trying Out the Futur Living LUNA UV Air Purifier

Looking for the best air purifier to make it through the next few months of heat and haze in Singapore? We’re on that same hunt too and couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the Futur Living LUNA UV Air Purifier. Read on for our thoughts!

squarerooms futur living luna uv air purifier living room

What the LUNA UV Air Purifier by Futur Living promises is great air quality at home, supported by Acci-Sonic Technology that purifies air especially quickly, covering up to 935 square feet—the size of a small apartment or a typical living room in a four-room HDB flat.

The LUNA UV can eliminate up to 99.97% of bacteria and supposedly gets rid of pet dander, dust and other common allergens too, which often trigger asthma, sinus issues and skin sensitivities in both kids and adults.

It also comes with a five-stage filtration system that includes a medical-grade HEPA 13 filter and UVC sterilisation for thorough purification.

squarerooms futur living luna uv air purifier living room

Our first impression of the Futur Living LUNA UV is that it’s easy to set up, with very few components and simple instructions.

It doesn’t have many functions, which could be a negative for some but definitely makes it more straightforward to use. Four buttons control the purifier, providing on/off, fan speed, timer and UV sterilisation settings.

The fan speed can be switched from sleep mode—quiet and perfect for night-time use—to auto, medium and high speed depending on your needs. The highest speed appears to be fairly powerful without getting too noisy, the purifier reaching a noise level between 25 and 56 dB. It can also be placed on a convenient auto shut-off timer.

squarerooms futur living luna uv air purifier futurliving app interface indoor air pollution display

For added convenience, you can control the air purifier via a dedicated mobile app, displaying the pollution level in your home as well as the temperature and even the status of your filter, so you’ll always know in advance when it’s time for a replacement. Each filter is said to last approximately one year and can be replaced with ease by removing the back cover.

With a modern and futuristic look, this air purifier fits into most home interiors seamlessly. The only downside is that it’s rather large and bulky, so make sure you have some space set aside for it.

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