Fit Out Your Dream Kitchen with these Versatile Surfaces


There’s no denying that the kitchen can be an incredibly beautiful space in the house. When done right, it can reflect the character of the entire home and set the right mood for delicious cooking sessions and lively gatherings. But choosing the right fittings for your kitchen can be equally troublesome and time-consuming. Running from one showroom to the next to hunt down cabinet doors and surface materials can quickly make the design adventure exhausting and much less fun.

REHAU makes this process a lot easier by consolidating everything you need into one single space. From crystal panels to acrylic laminates and customisable cupboard doors, you’ll find a variety of surface designs and even matching edgebands to finish up your dream kitchen.

Sturdy crystal for gorgeous features

squarerooms rehau laminates kitchen surfaces modern design white luxury island wooden floors

If you love the simple beauty of glass but are worried about it being too heavy and breakable to make it work, consider REHAU’s RAUVISIO Crystal instead. It looks just as stunning as real glass, with a few added advantages. It’s 50 per cent lighter, ten times less fragile, highly scratch-resistant and easy to work with, making it a pliable material for creative applications.

Your contractor will be able to cut it to size without risking breakages and reducing wasted materials, which makes it more environmentally friendly too. The result will be some seriously dreamy front panels, recesses and wall features in a design and finish of your choice, be it matt, high-gloss, frosted, polymer mirror or even magnetic. The matt design is fingerprint-proof and can be marked with chalk, while the high-gloss finish is compatible with whiteboard markers.

Plus, you can take RAUVISIO Crystal beyond the kitchen too, allowing you to renovate the entire home and shop for your storage and surface solutions in one place.

Acrylic laminates for brilliant designs

squarerooms rehau laminates kitchen surfaces modern design squarerooms rehau laminates kitchen surfaces modern desig black dark grey sleek luxury island

Homeowners who like glossy cabinets will love REHAU’s acrylic laminates, which provide a long-lasting alternative to traditional, more expensive lacquered surfaces. The RAUVISIO Brilliant laminates have an outstanding three-dimensional effect, adding depth to any kitchen with gorgeous front panels in delicious colours.

You’ll have the advantage of low-maintenance, UV-resistant cabinets with a lifespan of 20 years, which can moreover be bent and cut into virtually any shape to suit the kitchen of your dreams.

Tambour doors for a unique kitchen

squarerooms rehau laminates kitchen surfaces modern design red black island contemporary dark

Tambour furniture and fittings have become increasingly popular in the last few years; tambour cabinets especially have been popping up all over our Instagram feed. If you’re intrigued by the unique texture of tambour designs, consider REHAU’s RAUVOLET Tambour Doors, which strike the perfect balance between classic kitchen fittings and modern interiors.

These tambour doors can be used horizontally or vertically and customised to suit even the tightest of kitchen spaces without compromising on functionality, making them versatile and user-friendly. They’re also available in a variety of different materials and patterns, opening up creative interior design options. Imagine the convenience of roller blinds in the form of a cabinet door and you’ll get a sense of how handy the RAUVOLET Tambour Doors really are!

Perfect edgebands for that final touch

squarerooms rehau laminates kitchen surfaces modern design grey black island drawer hand arm person opening edgeband handle

So, you’ve picked out the perfect cabinet doors and surfaces for your kitchen, but it still feels like something is missing? Consider giving your kitchen that finishing touch with the right edgebands in order to bring the whole look together. Whether you’d like to fit out your new kitchen fixtures with seamless edges or are looking for a pop of contrast, there’s something in the RAUKANTEX range for every homeowner.

Consider the simple beauty of a solid white edgeband, a striking colour for an unexpected accent, an elegant woodgrain, a dazzling stone effect, a trendy metallic print, a glossy mirror design for an ultra-modern look, a dual-gloss edgeband for a creative, three-dimensional take and even a split V-groove style that combines high-gloss and matt designs into a single edgeband. The sky is the limit with REHAU’s RAUKANTEX range.

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