Four High-Functioning Dyson Appliances to Elevate Your Home Living

Young working couple Bonnie and Wei Xiong wanted their matrimonial home to mimic the artistic, uncluttered vibe of a well-curated art gallery. Striving for a minimalist and contemporary look, their home features cool shades of grey, blue and green, balanced with warm material palettes of dark wood, marble, black metal and brass.

To further enhance the modern aesthetic, the couple steered away from traditional built-in carpentry, and instead focused on sourcing unique modern furniture pieces to curate a ‘designer’ look-and-feel.

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Besides a well-designed home, Bonnie and Wei Xiong also wanted a space that scored high on functionality, and that’s where the Dyson products really came into their own. With the brand’s international reputation for high-performing machines, the couple was excited to integrate the Dyson products into their home and were impressed by both the design and features of the appliances.

“It was really important for us to invest in a well-designed and powerful vacuum because we often don’t have the energy or time to clean for long periods of time”, the couple elaborates.


Working in Marketing, Bonnie spends much of her day running around Singapore attending meetings and her husband, Wei Xiong, is equally busy working long hours as a data analyst. By the end of the day, they’re left with little energy for daily household chores, but they didn’t want their work schedules to get in the way of maintaining a clean and healthy environment at home. So, selecting Dyson V11, the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market, was a deliberate choice.

“We wanted to ensure we could achieve a dirt and dust free environment by investing in a vacuum cleaner that took care of even the tiniest particles and most stubborn dirt.” They noticed the V11’s impressive power as soon as they started using it, witnessing the huge amount of dust, hair and dirt being captured quickly and easily. The fully sealed filtration system also traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns – effectively capturing dust and bacteria particles that are too small to detect with the naked eye – giving Bonnie greater peace of mind. She commented, “It feels good to know that the V11 will help to reduce our long-term exposure to dust and allergens in our own home.”

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What they’ve also found really beneficial is the Dyson V11’s ability to sense different surfaces and then automatically adapt its power setting accordingly. Bonnie added, “Previously, we had to change attachments whenever we switched between hard floors and carpets. Now, we don’t even need to think about it as the V11 takes care of all that for us”. The LCD screen also plays an important role here, displaying the selected power mode and remaining run time, as well as any maintenance alerts that the user may need to be aware of.

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After a whiz around the apartment, the built-in display promptly indicates the remaining run time of the vacuum cleaner, thus conveniently helping Bonnie and Wei Xiang to gauge how much cleaning time they have left before having to charge the appliance. “The Dyson V11 is truly a formidable and versatile dust-busting weapon!” the couple proclaims.

Understanding that clean air is an integral part of having a healthy home, the couple was very excited to test out the benefits of the Dyson Pure Cool Me. This new personal purifier fan has an in-built HEPA filter that captures 99.95% of ultrafine particle pollutants such as pollen, mould and bacteria, and its compact size makes it perfectly suited to a range of personal spaces.

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Bonnie and Wei Xiong have enjoyed cool, clean air each day thanks to the Dyson Pure Cool Me. “We love to relax on the sofa when we’re having some down time and it’s great to have the Pure Cool Me next to us providing a direct stream of cool purified air without the need for us to crank up the aircon. When we’re feeling extra lazy, we don’t even have to get up to adjust the settings as it can all be done with its handy remote.” the couple adds.

On hotter, stuffier nights Wei Xiong has also used the Pure Cool Me next to the bed. “It works really well because I can direct precise airstream towards me without disturbing Bonnie, and the sleep timer feature also means I can set it to automatically switch off after one hour when I’m usually already sound asleep”

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The Pure Cool Me sports sleek and simple lines in a stunning Gunmetal finish, making the fan a statement piece on its own. Bonnie chimes in, “The immaculate design of the Pure Cool Me revolutionises just how an air purifier can look, which is very impressive. Moreover, in spite of its compact size, the strength and rate at which clean air is pumped out of the device is equally as impressive.”

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Bonnie and Wei Xiong’s apartment also incorporates a smart minimalistic office, which is key for both when they’re working from home. The Dyson Lightcycle has been the perfect fixture for them in this space. Not only does the modern design blend in perfectly, but the intelligent sensing, tracking and adjustment means they’re provided with optimal illumination throughout the day. This is especially important for Wei Xiong, who requires an eye for detail as a data analyst.

“Reading through numerous analytical reports with tables, charts and graphs can be straining on the eyes, especially when some reports are rather lengthy,” explains Wei Xiong. “But with the Dyson Lightcycle, my concentration has greatly improved as the precision controls allow me to adjust the brightness and colour of light to best suit each task at hand.”

You can take the personalisation of your lighting to the next level by linking your Dyson Lightcycle to the Dyson Link app. Entering your personal details into the app will allow it to create a highly-personalised light experience which is then shared with the Lightcycle via Bluetooth. This means lighting can be completely tailored to your age, the time of day and your activity or task at any given time, which also helps support your natural body clock.

Wei Xiong added that “alternatively, if there are times when we want to keep things simple we tend to use the three pre-set light modes: Relax, Study, and Precision which automatically switches the light to the most appropriate setting for our activity and mood”.

The Dyson Lightcycle intelligently adapts to its environment, continually interpreting daylight data through its microprocessor. If there’s a sudden change to your background lighting, such as a big raincloud overhead, its ambient light sensor will gently adjust light levels so you maintain a constant level of lighting within your space. Plus, it even saves energy by sensing when you’re nearby or walking away, automatically switching on and off accordingly.

We can’t go without mentioning Bonnie’s favourite Dyson appliance, the ever-popular Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Now with upgraded magnetic attachments, it enables you to dry and style hair efficiently without worrying about heat damage. Bonnie shared “As I dye my hair regularly it’s prone to damage, so with daily washing and drying my hair feels extremely fragile and dried out. But since switching to the Dyson Supersonic, I’m pleased to say that my hair has started to feel much healthier and softer, which has also boosted my confidence.”

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The magic that sets the Supersonic apart sits within the patented Dyson Digital Motor V9 which is so powerful it propels up to 13 litres of air every second! On top of this, it also encompasses intelligent heat control which measures air temperature over 40 times per second, preventing extreme heat damage to the hair and protecting its natural shine.

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Other benefits of the Dyson Supersonic include its easily interchangeable magnetic nozzles, as well as its more balanced weight distribution. Unlike the conventional hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic’s digital motor is small enough to be incorporated into the handle rather than the head of the device, making it easier and much more comfortable to utilise. Bonnie added “I love using the Smoothing Nozzle attachment when I’m getting ready for an important meeting as it creates a really sleek but natural look. It really helps give me that extra little boost of confidence on a big day!”

After witnessing the integration of world-renowned Dyson technology within a local home setting, it is evident that Dyson appliances and their accompanying benefits are effective in elevating living spaces into healthier and more efficient homes – and you can’t put a price on that!

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