Quirky Glass Planters Every Plant Lover Should Have

There is something inexplicably soothing about watching plants grow. In busy and fast-paced times, they remind us to slow down and take a deep breath, pulling us down to earth. Greenhouses are ideal observatories for plants, but they don’t exactly fit into the living room. These miniature garden jars and glass planters, however, can evoke that same sense of calm, albeit on a smaller scale.

Vertical planters
A great alternative to the ubiquitous green wall, vertical planters make for elegant wall decor with a contemporary touch. The golden adornments conceal any unsightly wall attachments and give the decor a feeling of luxury. Watching plants climb slowly over the edge of these vertical planters will be especially satisfying, giving you a stunning downward trail.


$31.07 from wowsucculents on Etsy

Miniature garden jars
For a classic miniature garden, glass jars are the ideal containers, being reusable, non-absorbent (as opposed to plastic) and aesthetically pleasing anywhere in the home. For a variety of terrariums and gardens, a set-up of jars in multiple shapes and sizes will make for a diverse natural landscape.


$75.23 from BootsNGus on Etsy

Mini hanging planters
What could be more storage-savvy than small planters hanging from the ceiling? Not only do they save you plenty of space, these miniature planters also look adorable, and can add a pop of green to pretty much any room. The string-tied aesthetic gives the set-up a cosy and homemade vibe.


$28.36 from CozzzySpot on Etsy

Plant lighting
If you think that you will never be able to grow plants in those dark corners of the home, these unique plant lights have a surprise in store for you. Not only do they make plant growth possible without sunlight and watering, they also look generally jaw-dropping.


Prices can be requested from Nui Studio

Light bulb planters
Recycling light bulbs as decor is nothing new, but this creative plant display using wooden blocks has us intrigued. The combination of glass bulbs and wood keeps things raw and organic, enforcing a feeling of rustic calm. Plus, the arrangement of the light bulbs looks almost like a science lab, evoking curiosity.


$47.17 from TheHyggeFox on Etsy