Here’s Why You Need To Upgrade Your Existing Sink To An All-In-One Kitchen Sink Combination


A well-designed kitchen sink unit can not only save you a lot of hassle when preparing meals, it can also help you keep your cooking zone organised. And while buying kitchen fixtures piecemeal is a common practice, you can make your kitchen upgrade all the more effortless by installing one of hansgrohe’s built-in kitchen sink combination units. For those unfamiliar, a kitchen sink combination unit basically refers to a unit that includes a kitchen faucet, basin and worktop rolled into one convenient package. But what makes hansgrohe’s kitchen sink combinations so great? Check out these benefits that may just make you consider jumping on the bandwagon.


Added versatility

Offering added convenience for all your daily kitchen chores, hansgrohe’s kitchen sink combination units come with a pull-out kitchen sink faucet that makes washing up easy. Oftentimes, we find that there isn’t much room in the sink to wash the larger pots and pans we use for cooking under a basic kitchen tap and that we have to tilt each equipment from side to side under the water to make sure that the entire item is clean. With a pull-out kitchen tap, these issues can be easily solved by washing and rinsing the equipment right on the countertop. Additionally, there will also be a lesser chance of water splashes, thus reducing the risk of wet clothes.


Different sink configurations available

Depending on how you utilise your kitchen sink, each household requires a different kitchen sink configuration to support a variety of functions. To cater to such needs, hansgrohe offers a selection of a single sink or a double sink to its customers. As its name suggests, a single sink comes with a single basin. A double sink comes with two basins, but they can come in two styles – equal-sized sinks (370/370) or a large and small sink (305/435) – depending on user preference. All sinks can also be installed flushed with the countertop or mounted under or over the countertop.

Full water flow control

Each hansgrohe built-in sink combination offers a choice of two innovative control concepts at the front right-hand side of the sink rim to allow for easy accessibility. The Metris Select two-hole kitchen mixer allows for the precise selection of temperature and water volume, with water flow controlled by the Select button strategically positioned on the high spout. The second option directly integrates hangrohe’s Select technology into the sink itself, with a large elegant button controlling water flow as well as opens and closes the sink drain, removing the need for other controls in or around the sink.


Do away with clutter

A new component in hansgrohe’s sink combinations, the sBox keeps the base cabinet below the sink tidy by storing the hose of the pull-out spray in a specially designed flat box to prevent bumping into drawers or other sharp edges, ensuring a smooth and reliable operation. This special feature also increases the operating range around the sink by up to 26cm, offering users an expanded worktop without having to cram everything into the sink.


If you want to expand your capabilities in the kitchen while simplifying your kitchen tasks, then consider getting one of hansgrohe’s all-in-one built-in kitchen sink combination units. Each set comes with a mixer and control unit, stainless steel basins, the sBox, a waste set, mounting brackets and a connecting hose, and is a comprehensive and meticulously crafted unit that meets the high demands of function, durability, quality and design.

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