21 Home Makeover Ideas to Perk Up Every Kind of Room


Showrooms may appeal to most, but your home should feel like you. If your interiors are feeling drab, dated or a little too try-hard, here are some ways to infuse it with some personality.

Subtle tweaks

squarerooms Philippe Dehaye Unsplash wood table chairs dining set furniture grey floor

Image courtesy of Philippe Dehaye/Unsplash

To prevent modern interiors from feeling stark and cold, incorporate wood furnishing for natural charm and warmth.

squarerooms Nathan Van Egmond Unsplash bedroom orange burnt brown sienna artwork paintings blue headboard

Image courtesy of Nathan Van Egmond/Unsplash

For softness and visual interest, swap plain headboards with an arced channel-tufted one.

squarerooms brim design home renovation neptune court interior styling makeover cosy inviting warm office bedroom dual double entrance swinging door red shelf

Design by Brim Design

Replace a plain wall with an oversized spinning door. Convenience and privacy, all in one statement-making piece.

squarerooms Spacejoy Unsplash mirror blue bedroom wall entrance entryway vanity table hanging clothes

Image courtesy of Spacejoy/Unsplash

Proving that details matter, the beaded trim across the mirror lends a whimsical touch to this entryway.

squarerooms In Lieu In View Photography/Unsplash purple pink walls metal dining area gold

Image courtesy of In Lieu In View Photography/Unsplash

Glamorous glints of metal are great for giving a blah space a little something-something. Here, brass tones tie the pieces together while drawing your eye across the room.

squarerooms Jakub Chlouba Unsplash white bed sheets cushions blue orange

Image courtesy of Jakub Chlouba/Unsplash

Infuse a pared-down bedroom with a shot of cheery sunshine by adding just one or two zingy cushions.

squarerooms Newhouse Pixabay living room tv feature wall angled asymmetrical shelves

Image courtesy of Newhouse/Pixabay

Shelves don’t always have to be straight. The angles on the TV wall serve to add kookiness to this otherwise sleek communal space.

squarerooms Nathan Oakley Unsplash living room modern contemporary sofa coffee tables hexagonal

Image courtesy of Nathan Oakley/Unsplash

In this cool and neutral setting, the coffee tables’ unusual hexagon bases give the room a sense of playfulness.

Painting ideas

squarerooms Marco Podrini bedroom study blue pink red split painting colour blocking

Image courtesy of Marco Podrini

Use contrasting tones to split a room in two—no walls needed.

squarerooms Purdy blue wall colour blocking streak ceiling elongate room desk home office study

Image courtesy of Purdy

A blocky streak of bright blue stretched upwards makes the ceiling look taller while demarcating this zone as the study area.


Design by Studio FortyFour

Shooting out like a joyful beam of light, the yellow paint spans across several walls to make the space look wider.

Curved features


Design by Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Design

Before thinking of tearing down walls, consider creating arches instead. They’ll open up the space while adding gorgeous detail.

Studio FortyFour white minimalist corridor

Design by Studio FortyFour

Rounding the boxy entrance to the corridor instantly makes this area look cosier and more inviting.

squarerooms Copper Design white living room tv empty space open

Design by Copper Design

Not feeling your flat’s angular design? This home features custom free-flowing shapes across the walls, ceiling and even the window frames.

Quirky details

squarerooms Howie Mapson Unsplash pallet furniture rustic living room boho style

Image courtesy of Howie Mapson/Unsplash

Pallet furniture may feel makeshift, but grouping a few together makes them look intentional and cool.

squarerooms tpavati Pixabay sideboard vintage antique wood blue turquoise furniture painted

Image courtesy of tpavati/Pixabay

Received an heirloom piece that’s not quite “you”? Give it a personal touch by painting it with tones from your favourite artworks.

squarerooms Edvinas Bruzas Unsplash kitchen island bar counter black wood modern stools

Image courtesy of Edvinas Bruzas/Unsplash

Unique furniture can do a lot for jazzing up a mundane space. With legs in varying styles, these chairs each exude a different character, yet they still look good grouped together as they are crafted from the same wood.

Statement surfaces

squarerooms Arche Interior Design copper kitchen backsplash pastel chalk blue cool toned cabinets shaker

Design by Arche Interior Design

Unique and durable, copper is a beautiful backsplash option that will acquire a patina over time for even more character.

squarerooms bowerman interior planner home renovation design bold eclectic colourful penthouse apartment singapore flat climbing wall rock blue yellow red armchair

Design by Bowerman Interior Planner

Love rock climbing? Instead of choosing between paint or wallpaper, why not install a climbing wall?

squarerooms akiHAUS singapore local home renovation interior design makeover look style blue chocolate bar style walls storage solution modern eclectic unique contemporary

Design by akiHAUS

Wall moulding painted in a bold hue adds a real wow factor to this gathering space.

squarerooms maximalism maximalist home design look inspo inspiration interior ideas style decor kitchen versaform pattern island backsplash tiles floor walls

Design by Versaform

This kitchen is bursting with energy thanks to the daring combination of striking hues and patterns. To avoid visual fatigue, try this technique in smaller spaces like bathrooms and cooking zones while keeping the rest of the home fairly neutral.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the May 2021 issue of SquareRooms.