Buy Homegrown Furniture From These 4 Local Shops


Looking for local brands to support as we recover from the pandemic? Here are some of our favourite homegrown shops to get your next piece of furniture from.


Founded by brothers Julian and Joshua Koh along with their cousin Gan Shee Wen, Commune makes furniture that is not only beautiful to look at but highly practical for city living, taking Singapore’s small HDB flats into consideration during the design process. Their focus is on the “Commune life”—the idea that people come together in the home and that your furniture should be crafted to facilitate this.

squarerooms commune desk bookshelf home office design handmade hand crafted local furniture singapore

Image courtesy of Commune


With the aim of bringing long-lasting furniture into modern homes, Castlery prides itself on delivering expert workmanship with a fair price tag. At the core of the company, founded by Declan Ee and two of his friends, lie leather and fabric upholstery, alongside wooden frames made from certified timber. Quality control is one of Castlery’s top priorities, ensuring that your furniture can keep you company for many years to come.

squarerooms castlery local hand crafted wooden furniture singapore

Image courtesy of Castlery

Urban Salvation

Founded by Ahmad Habshee, a local artisan who is passionate about all things woodworking, Urban Salvation is a boutique furniture workshop with customisation and bespoke creation at its heart. The designers create everything from desks to wall decor, using a mix of regional wood and locally salvaged materials. If you’re looking for something made to fit, Urban Salvation is the place to go.

squarerooms urban salvation wooden table wood grain design handmade hand crafted local furniture singapore

Image courtesy of Urban Salvation

Naturalis Historia

Born from Velma Manoharan’s love of nature and classic furniture styles, Naturalis Historia is a one-stop-shop for timeless pieces created sustainably. Not only do the artisans behind the brand source their materials ethically, they also make an effort to reuse shipping materials to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. Combining old-world aesthetics with contemporary functionality, these furniture pieces are made to last.

squarerooms naturalis historia wooden design handmade hand crafted local furniture singapore shop

Image courtesy of Naturalis Historia

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the August 2020 issue of SquareRooms.