How To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home This New Year


We all believe how important it is to have a home environment that instills calm and comfort, a safe space where you are at your most relaxed. Did you also know that your home environment might affect matters relating to career, health, relationships and wealth?

Homeowners are turning to feng shui consultants to get insights on how to bring harmony and positivity into their home, by balancing the energy in the home environment. To put it simply, feng shui is concerned with the flow of energy within the home, and much emphasis is placed on the five elements (earth, fire, metal, wood and water) to balance energy, or qi.

Want to know how that’s done? According to feng shui consultant Joey Yap, where feng shui is concerned, the most important areas in your home to give special attention to would be the position of the doors, kitchen, bedroom and study room.

Doors affect the energy flow of the home 

Did you know that doors represent the qi, allowing benefits from the environment to flow into the different parts of the home? As such, special attention should be given to the doors to ensure an uninterrupted flow. Doors should be located at an auspicious sector with an equally auspicious angle. What to avoid: In calculating this angle, any clash with the occupants’ year of birth should be avoided. It is also important that the angle of the door does not align with the Death and Emptiness lines, which lie at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

Image credit: Bloomingville

Image credit: Bloomingville

The kitchen affects health matters 

The kitchen governs the health aspects of the occupants, so several important things should be avoided. Firstly, as a clash of the fire and water elements in the kitchen could inflict health problems, keep the stove a minimum of three feet from the sink. It is also important to avoid having the kitchen and the stove at an inauspicious sector of the home. This helps to suppress negative qi, which can be the cause of petty problems, betrayal and arguments.


Good feng shui in the bedroom = good relationships

The bedroom is important in feng shui because it governs matters that concern relationships. Therefore, it is important to have it in an auspicious sector. In addition, the headboard of the bed should be placed according to a person’s favourable facing direction. Also, avoid placing the bed at the occupant’s year of birth clashing sector and other unfavourable instances, especially if it involves the door of the bedroom.

Image credit: Bloomingville

Image credit: Bloomingville

Keep the home office well-lit and well-ventilated for good wealth 

In modern times, the work or study room is an important aspect of governing wealth of the occupants of the home. The working desk or table should be placed at specific auspicious sectors that will help enhance aspects of personal wealth and career. It is also important to keep the space fairly lit from natural light and airy by periodically leaving the windows open. This helps qi circulate within the space and bring about positive effects.

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This was adapted from an article originally written by Hairin Rahman published in Key To Your Home 2017.