How To Clean Your Home After A Major Renovation

After what feels like forever, your renovation is finally over. Time to sit back and enjoy your new space? Not so fast. Your interior designers may have cleaned your apartment after the renovation but it might only just be on the surface, and soon you’ll find yourself noticing specks of dust and dirt everywhere. Here are some cleaning tips you can follow to get your home in order before the dust settles.

  1. Wipe everything down
    Start from the top and work your way down. Before you reach for a wet cloth, give all the surfaces in your apartment a good dry clean to get rid of the visible dust and dirt first. Don’t just pay attention to countertops and other large flat surfaces. Windows, light fixtures and cabinetry – especially the inside of shelves and tricky corners – are all prone to collecting dust as well.
  2. Don’t forget the walls
    You may not realise it but your walls collect dust during a renovation as well. To avoid doing any damage to your walls, dry dusting is the safest way to remove dust and dirt particles from these surfaces. But depending on the type of paint or wall covering you have – be sure to check with your ID to make sure – you can also use a damp cloth. For hard-to-reach wall corners and the ceiling, tie the duster or cloth securely around the end of a broom handle to extend your arm’s reach.
  3. Give filters a good rinse
    Unfortunately, dust and debris will mingle with the air itself, making its way into your air conditioning units throughout your home. Breathing dirty air can lead to allergies and respiratory issues among your family members. As such, remove all the filters, clean each one with soap and warm water, and let them dry thoroughly before replacing them.
  4. Leave the floor until the end
    When you’re wiping off your walls, windows and cabinets, any residual dust or dirt will fall onto the floor. To prevent creating more work for yourself further down the line, there’s no point in starting on the floor until you’ve finished cleaning everywhere else. Electrical cables, metal sheets and wood pieces should be removed by hand before you vacuum your floor to prevent your cleaning equipment from getting damaged. If you have a carpet or rug in your home, vacuum it thoroughly to remove any impurities that may have been caught in the grooves. After vacuuming, give your floors a once-over with a mop and a good floor cleaner.

Photo credit: Beazer Homes