How To Create The Right Mood At Home With Fragrances

How a home smells is often overlooked when it comes to decorating a space but it can actually take away or add to the overall mood at home. After all, you don’t want your aesthetically beautiful home to smell bad as it can diminish your efforts in creating a comfortable home. Here are 4 easy ways to suffuse your home with feel-good vibes with fragrances.

  • Use lavender scents in the bedroom as it helps in relaxation and encourages quality sleep.
  • Citrus scents like bergamot and geranium are refreshing and uplifting, making them great for zones such as the living and dining rooms.Lemongrass and other citrus scents uplifts and energises a space
  • Pick scents that complement your home decor. For instance, herby or woody scents would be suitable if you have plenty of wood elements or furniture at home, while citrusy scents such as yuzu, grapefruit or bergamot can instantly freshen up a room, making them ideal for clean and modern homes.Create a warm ambiance at home with scented candles
  • Suffuse your home with a “signature” scent, such as lemongrass or orange blossom to define your home experience, so you’d be associating one scent with your personal space.

This was adapted from an article that appeared in the May issue of SquareRooms