How to Decorate Your Home With Flowers According to a Florist

Liven up your home and usher in positivity with these expert decorating tips from florist and Petalsmiths founder Cleo Chen.

What’s your number one tip for homeowners who want to start decorating with plants and flowers?

Select plants or flowers that are suitable for your environment. For example, cacti and succulents grow well in sunny, windy areas, whereas plants like asparagus fern need moisture and can grow in the shade. If your home office has air conditioning, you can consider cut floral arrangements that include peonies, ranunculus or tulips.

On the other hand, cut flowers like anthuriums, alstroemerias and carnations are hardier and can withstand warmer environments. Also, always remember to add flower food to the water in your vase to help your cut flowers last as long as possible! You can easily purchase flower food from plant nurseries.

If you had to pick three flowers to decorate every home with, which would you choose and why?

Our picks would be Kenyan roses, carnations and alstroemeria lilies. They look stunning, are very hardy and come in a wide variety of colours to match every occasion and mood. If you need cat-friendly blooms, try an arrangement with Kenyan roses, cymbidium orchids and hypericum berries! They’re equally long-lasting, plus the different textures will add movement and depth to the arrangement.

Can you recommend a few flowers that are particularly long-lasting around the house?

You will get great mileage with a simple baby’s breath arrangement as it dries wonderfully. You can also consider proteas or blushing brides if you prefer modern-looking blooms or billy balls for a cute pop of colour in your home.

Cats have a bad habit of nibbling plants. Could you recommend a few pet-safe flowers for the home?

If you have cats at home, lilies are an absolute no-no. Some pet-safe flowers include roses, sunflowers and orchids. When in doubt, do a quick check on the internet.

Any flowers you’d recommend to evoke some extra positivity and luck this year?

Orchids for abundance and peonies for peace and joy. If you have a tall standing vase, add gladiolus and peach blossoms to your home to usher in strength and purity.

Featured image courtesy of Natural Goods Berlin/Unsplash. This post was adapted from an article originally published in the December 2020 issue of SquareRooms.