Check Out These Decor Ideas For An Instagrammable Bedroom


Everyone loves an Insta-worthy home. While the functionality and comfort of your surrounding should be your top priority, the aesthetic quality of a room can greatly affect your mood. This is especially important in the bedroom as it is the first thing you see when you wake up.

The way you decorate your bedroom should reflect your own personality and taste. However, here are some decor ideas that can be applied and adapted to any style. Let’s get ready for the gram!

Nothing impacts the look and feel of your bedroom as much as fabrics and textures. Your bedding is the most crucial item in the room, as your bed is the central piece that immediately draws the eye. An easy Instagram hack is to layer your bedsheets with throws and pillows, giving the bed more dimension.  Other textures that can impact the aesthetic of your room are curtains and rugs. They help to soften the overall ambience and can add an element of both comfort and luxury.


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The key to choosing artwork is to figure out your overall aesthetic first, and to then pick artwork that speaks to your personal taste. You can keep it simple and choose mass-produced pieces that look good in your room, or you can hunt down hand-made artwork done by obscure freelancers. Whether you display a variety of different styles or choose to stick to one artist, the key is to be consistent. Don’t be afraid to play around with more unconventional wall decor, such as lettering and mirrors.


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Feature walls
A great way to fill up walls that look empty and mundane is to implement a feature wall. There are countless patterns and designs to choose from, making this particular space an outlet for creativity and experimentation. However, if your room already features patterned furniture and a lot of colours and designs, you need to be careful with not going overboard. Feature walls can be sophisticated accents that draw the eye, but if there is too much going on in the room, they will just seem like part of a big mess. Match the tones of your feature wall to the tones already present in your room, and it will blend in seamlessly.

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Lighting does not just affect the ambience of the room with the mood it creates. The actual lamps can make for great statement pieces and can fill awkward corners and other empty spaces. A lamp on your bedside table makes for an underrated piece of decor and can add some dimension to an otherwise low bed frame. If you have space on and around the bed’s headboard, consider adorning it with lights instead. Shining small, warm-toned lights on your bed in an otherwise dark room will give your picture an especially cosy feel.

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The most Instagrammable decor is one that needs a bit of maintenance, but that will also improve your air quality all by itself. Plants add a touch of nature and a pop of colour to any room, and they are the easiest way of making any space look stylish. Be it a small cactus on your windowsill or a hanging plant with leaves that reach for the floor, healthy plants are a must for an Insta-worthy bedroom. Even a simple bed can look amazing when paired with a plant and some good lighting.


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The things that define you
Nothing looks as good in your room as the things that make up who you are. If you keep a diary or have a journal, lay it out on your desk. If you like to read, pile books on your nightstand or even around your bed for an especially cosy and personalised photo. Ultimately, your room looks good if it looks alive, so fill it with your favourite things.


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