Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free with these 6 Stylish Finds

No one likes mosquitoes, right? They buzz around our ears, make us itchy, keep us awake at night and make working from home impossible. Add in the dangers of catching dengue fever and mosquitoes become truly the one thing to avoid in your home at all costs.

There have been even more mozzies in the air recently with the release of a new batch meant to fight the dengue mosquitoes. As glad as we are that this measure was taken, the little pests have been flying around our homes non-stop! If you’ve also had enough and need something to keep them at bay, here are some chic and stylish must-haves for your home.

A mosquito net for your bed

squarerooms decathlon mosquito net bed canopy netting

Mosquito net, $30, Decathlon

Mosquito nets are such a classic. They’re mostly used as canopies in kids’ rooms, but who says adults can’t enjoy them too? If your home has been infested with mosquitoes lately, this minimalist netting from Decathlon will do the trick and lull you into a dreamy sleep on top of that.

An insect screen for your windows

squarerooms magicseal magnetic window insect mosquito screen metal

Magnetic insect screen, POA, MagicSeal

The most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to stop them from entering your home in the first place. A simple insect screen covering your window frames will get the job done without much hassle. While these insect screens come in a variety of materials, we recommend the magnetic ones from MagicSeal, which can be easily taken out and put back when you need to open or close the windows.

A mosquito coil holder

squarerooms coghlans outdoor life mosquito coil holder repellant insects

Mosquito coil holder, $16.90, Outdoor Life

Mosquito coils can be very effective at repelling the little suckers, but they don’t exactly look very appealing and can be bothersome and messy to set up. Get hold of a simple mosquito coil holder like the one from Coghlan’s (available at Outdoor Life) to make the process smoother and the whole show easier on the eyes. This particular mosquito coil holder can be used flat on its back or while hanging upright.

A mosquito-repelling plant

squarerooms noah garden centre pelargonium citrosum citronella mosquito plant repellant repel insects bugs indoor potted

Mosquito plant, $7.50, Noah Garden Centre

We love dotting our homes with indoor plants. They look good, smell good and they can even work wonders to repel bugs and mosquitoes! The pelargonium citrosum, also known simply as the mosquito plant, keeps mosquitoes at bay thanks to its citronella-like scent, which the little pests cannot stand. You can grab yourself one of these great plants from Noah Garden Centre.

An electric mosquito swatter

squarerooms valore challenger electric mosquito swatter pink racket

Electric mosquito swatter, $39.90,

We never thought that a mosquito swatter could be stylish, but this electric one from Valore (available at proved us wrong. It attracts mosquitoes with its UV light, then zaps them once they fly into the grid. No need to worry about electrocuting yourself, either—it comes with a three-layer safety mesh to make sure you don’t hurt yourself if you get too close.

A strong standing fan

squarerooms courts standing fan chrome rose gold bronze KDK P40US champagne

KDK P40US stand fan, $94, Courts

How can a fan keep mosquitoes at bay? Well, frankly, mosquitoes aren’t great at flying. Their bodies are light and they can easily get blown away by even a soft breeze. This means that when all else fails, sitting in front of a strong fan can help keep the mosquitoes off your body and make them struggle a bit before they get to bite anything. Getting hold of a fan with a far-reaching wind, like the KDK P40US stand fan (available at Courts) can help ventilate the whole house and throw the mosquitoes off course even more effectively.

Featured image courtesy of Mark Chaves/Unsplash