Kitchen Tools Every Domestic Goddess Should Have At Home

If you love entertaining at home, you would understand the need for efficient kitchen tools that will help you save some prep time so that you can enjoy basking in the company of your favourite people. As such, we have rounded up some handy kitchen essentials that will help expand the utility and functions of your cooking space to that of an almost-professional restaurant kitchen. These machines will enable you to get more done in your very kitchens and impress your guests at the same time.

Gas hob
In stir-fried, fried or pan-fried food dishes, the importance of the wok’s temperature or the intensity of fire is largely emphasised. With a choice of four type of flames, the Turbo Incanto Hob T773GV is a kitchen appliance any home chefs will love as it allows wider control and precision over their dishes. For home-hosted dinners, this hob will become your silent supporter in your kitchen.

SquareRooms_ turbo

Photo credit: Turbo

All-in-one kitchen appliance
The Thermomix TM5 is a versatile kitchen helper equipped with 12 different functions, making it ideal for compact kitchens. For adventurous home chefs, this machine provides not just the ability to carry out various functions, it also comes with a digitised guidebook along with multiple recipes to try. To top it off, its built-in digital scale further provides both accuracy and convenience for your cooking process.


Photo credit: Thermomix

Slow juicer
For the health conscious, the slow juicing method provides the optimal method to abstract nutrients while still tantalising your taste buds. The Bosch VitaExtract Slow Juicer has a MixControl system that gives control over the adjustment of juicy goodness – such as the amount of pulp or thickness of a healthy drink. Consider using the beverage recipe book to try out different juices made with three filters, fine, coarse and sorbet. This trim and sleek black machine also fits well in both big or small kitchens.

squarerooms_bosch_slow juicer

Photo credit: Bosch

Calling all coffee lovers, Nespresso Lattissima One is one beverage maker you need to add to your kitchen. Compact and user-friendly, this machine lets you control the amount of milk to meet your dinner guests’ preferences. Finally, premium quality coffee within the comfort of your private sanctuary is now more doable than ever!

Nespresso_Lattissima One Brown_Empty (2)

Photo credit: Nespresso

Convection microwave oven
The award-winning LG NeoChef Convection Microwave Oven should be on top of every domestic goddess’ wishlist. Its innovative smart controlled heating system is so precise that it allows even the fermentation of home-made yoghurt. This puts our home chef’s minds to rest as the Smart Inverter Technology promises a heating system suitable for all sorts of dishes. Apart from its abilities, the microwave oven’s unified tempered glass front will blend in seamlessly into your contemporary cooking space.

Squarerooms_NeoChef Perspective

Photo credit: LG

The Candy Watch & Touch Smart Oven is equipped with an interactive display on its door where users can easily access and reference various recipes. With more than 70 cooking programmes to reference, this appliance is ideal for both home cooking noobs as well as experienced home chefs who love experimenting in the kitchen.

Squarerooms_Candy Touch Oven

Photo credit: Candy

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