Light Up Your Home With These Candle Holder DIYs

Looking for a fun way to perk up a lonely corner of your room? Here are some unique candle holder ideas to illuminate your room with a cosy glow.

Stand Up
DIY 3D Tealight Stand

Using two pieces of cardboard of equal shape and size, cut a slit three-quarters down the centre of each. Fit them together perpendicularly to make a three-dimensional stand for your tealight cups.

Paper Art
DIY Origami Tealight Lamps

Origami lamps add a whimsical handcrafted atmosphere to your living space.

Rope It In
DIY Twine Wrapped Tealight Holder

Wind twine round the bottle for texture, or use a thicker string or rope for a coastal look.

Flexible Lines
DIY Coloured Rubber Bands Tealight Holder

One of the easiest projects that even your three-year-old can do; this candle holder is made by merely sliding coloured elastic or rubber bands down the vessels.

Planting Season
DIY Planter Pots Tealight Holder

Upturned planter pots provide a sturdy base for small candles and tealights. Paint or dip-dye them in different colours to make a visual statement.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Jasmine Goh that appeared in the August 2014 issue of SquareRooms