Say Goodbye To Toilet Paper With This Luxurious Shower Toilet

For many years, toilet designs seemed to remain the same, with little hope for something new on the horizon. All this changed, however, when the shower toilet made its debut on the bathroom scene.


Toilet paper: not always a bathroom staple
Toilet paper was first introduced in China back in the ninth century. As time progressed, other countries began cleaning themselves with cloth, and finally transitioned to paper. This change was largely brought on by the spreading of illness across the globe, doctors believing that water increased the risk of infection.

By the time it was discovered that most diseases were transmitted orally, toilet paper was already established as a bathroom staple. Even countries that maintain both systems, such as Singapore, tend to consider toilet paper the more ‘advanced’ option. “Anyone who’s ever tried to use a dry cloth to clean up their mucky children or to wash dirty dishes without water, however, will know that things aren’t always so straightforward!” says Christoph Behling.


Clean water is the best solution for dirty dishes – and the same applies when cleaning yourself after using the toilet.

The Swiss designer was tasked by Geberit with creating the world’s best shower toilet. After four years of meticulous work on the part of Christoph’s design team, together with 30 Geberit engineers, the fruits of their labours were finally revealed in the form of the Geberit AquaClean Mera.

The future is now
With the AquaClean Mera, Behling aimed to create a high-tech product that would stand the test of time for centuries to come, and change people’s idea of the toilet as a shameful device. The modern shower toilet is a return to our roots, adapted to flatter contemporary homes and remain sanitary. The appearance and design aimed to capture the idea of a lightweight, almost floating bathroom object.


Comfort functions such as seat heating, an orientation light or a toilet lid which opens automatically add a special touch of comfort.

As suggested by studies into our future toilet habits carried out by Geberit, the new feeling of freshness is starting to make its way into more and more households. The time has now come to embrace the future by looking back – and banish toilet paper from the bathroom once and for all.


Geberit have been developing and producing shower toilets since 1978. Their AquaClean product line satisfies the need for a sleek bathroom design and the desire for an absolute feeling of freshness.

This article was brought to you by Geberit