Check Out these Marvellous Designs for Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinets

Here’s a renovation secret: the cabinets will make or break your kitchen design. Whether you’re a modern enthusiast, a fan of colourful interiors or passionate about retro looks, figuring out the style of your kitchen cabinets should be one of your top priorities when planning your home design.

If you’re feeling a little stuck, here are six marvellous designs for gorgeous, irresistible kitchen cabinets.

Bright hues

squarerooms eightytwo home renovation 3 room hdb resale flat interior design makeover contemporary style joo seng pink kitchen pastel colourful

Design by EightyTwo

Nothing to liven up the kitchen like a healthy dose of colour! We’re loving the recent trend of bright and bold kitchen interiors, particularly yummy shades like salmon, coral, peach and subtle shades of pink.

squarerooms studio 44 fortyfour home bto 4 room renovation makeover pastel blue wood kitchen

Design by Studio FortyFour

For something a little more subdued yet still eye-catching, we recommend a variation of green or blue. Opt for a pastel variant to keep things soothing. A deep, dark hue will make for a rich and intriguing ambience.

Shaker doors

squarerooms white wood kitchen cabinets farmhouse rustic

Those who like vintage furniture and retro patterns will love the cosy vibe of shaker cabinets. As opposed to the flat surfaces of modern cabinet doors, shaker-style doors have a framed design that gives the kitchen instant character. These cabinets are especially suited for rustic and farmhouse interiors, particularly when white in colour.

squarerooms cottagecore rustic home design aesthetic look style interior makeover renovation blue kitchen charlotte's carpentry cabinets

Design by Charlotte’s Carpentry

Of course, shaker cabinets exist in lots of other colours too, ranging from bright blue to deep black. Most shaker cabinets come with prominent handles, so it’s important to consider what colour, texture and shape would suit your kitchen. Read to the end of this story for some tips on picking the perfect handles!


squarerooms ju design studio home renovation 4 room hdb flat industrial cosy dark wood punggol kitchen counters cabinets grey concrete walls

Design by Ju Design Studio

Wood-look cabinets have been increasingly popular in our local homes, and for good reason. There are countless shades and grains to pick from—you can even go for a chevron pattern, which is more commonly spotted across floors and feature walls.

squarerooms happe design atelier hda studio home renovation makeover 3 room resale hdb flat contemporary kitchen red wood cabinets cherry white countertops

Design by Happe Design Atelier

Cherry wood is another vintage texture that has been making a slow but steady comeback. It adds a charming quality to any kitchen, giving it some warmth and a lived-in, welcoming vibe.

Textured finishes

squarerooms cottagecore rustic home design aesthetic look style interior makeover renovation aaron wong kitchen white cream cabinets distressed wood texture industrial

Design by Aarong Wong

We are big fans of rustic design and so we cannot resist the look of distressed wood! While the real deal can be hard to clean and might even leave some splinters, you can opt for laminates with a distressed look for a low-maintenance kitchen.

squarerooms mkca michael k chen architecture interior design home renovation house boat residential yacht blue light pale baby contemporary kitchen

Design by MKCA

Another growing trend: fluted surfaces! Such a minor detail can yet add such a luxurious touch to any room. This finish fares especially well on cabinets and around curved kitchen islands, where it becomes instantly noticeable even with a pared-back colour palette.

Modern monochromes

squarerooms blend by imc interior home design renovation makeover 4 room bto hdb flat minimalist dark grey kitchen

Design by Blend by ImC

An old-time favourite that never gets old? The black, grey and white cabinets so prevalent in our local homes. Duskier tones often hide dirt more easily, while white cabinets help to brighten the kitchen and make it feel airy and expansive.

squarerooms jialux interior design home renovation grey monochromatic black white dining room minimalist modern luxe kitchen island

Design by Jialux Interior

To keep things truly modern, make sure to opt for flat, smooth cabinet doors without any texture or indented features. Handles should be sleek and simple to match the overall design, although you can throw some bolder knobs into the mix if you want a more unconventional look.

Accent handles

squarerooms salt studio budget home renovation 40k resale hdb flat interior design kitchen bright yellow blue backsplash tiles colourful

Design by Salt Studio

Once you’ve picked the fronts for your kitchen cabinets, there is one more feature that shouldn’t be neglected: the handles. Your choice can make a great impact on the overall look of the kitchen.

For instance, you can choose knobs in a contrasting colour to make them pop against the cabinet doors, or opt for handles that match the overall look for a seamless, pared-back aesthetic. Sharp edges can be softened with rounded knobs and matte cabinet fronts can be contrasted with a pair of shiny handles.

squarerooms bowerman interior planner home renovation design penthouse apartment singapore flat kitchen industrial wood black cabinets rustic warm plants

Design by Bowerman

Gold is a foolproof colour in almost any kitchen—it stands out without clashing and always lends a classy, luxurious touch to the surroundings.