No More Messy Cabinets with these Affordable Kitchen Organisers

Got some messy kitchen cabinets to sort out? With these affordable organisers, you’ll have them in tip-top shape in no time. Make sure to read through our top cabinet organisation tips while you’re at it!

Slide-out fittings

squarerooms esilda sliding storage rack from fortytwo buy kitchen cabinet organiser singapore slide out drawers

Esilda Sliding Storage Rack, $16.90, FortyTwo

Nothing is quite as handy in the kitchen as slide-out fittings, which can be pulled all the way out of the cabinet and tucked away again to save space. Choose between fixed slide-outs or loose racks that don’t need any mounting at all, or go with a narrow unit for cleaning supplies. Loose fittings are of course quick and fuss-free to place, but they are consecutively less stable—make sure to place a non-slip mat underneath to avoid shifting and sliding.

If you don’t fancy a whole new rack, opt for something smaller, like slide-out wire baskets, a pull-out shelf or a mini pull-out container. You can even install a space-savvy waste sorting system if that’s what your kitchen needs.

Rails and racks

squarerooms hipvan heian spring tension rod storage pantry cabinet rail with hooks organiser organisation utensils hanger

HEIAN Spring Rod, $5.50, HipVan

The walls and doors of cabinets are often underrated spaces. To make the most of them, fit them out with rails, whether you prefer a sliding towel rail, a classic steel rail or an adjustable tension rod. Add a few hooks and you’ve got the perfect storage rod for kitchen utensils!

You can furthermore equip the inner cabinet walls with things like magnetic knife strips, mounted spice racks, over-door containers and even a plastic bag dispenser. To maximise the vertical space, get hold of an extendable shelf and an elevated storage rack. Spices and small containers can be stored perfectly across a nifty tiered rack.

Don’t neglect the space outside of the cabinets, either. Hidden rails can be attached to the edges, while baskets, hangers and racks can be clipped to the underside of shelves for that extra bit of storage space.

Swivelling storage

squarerooms iuiga swivelling storage kitchen food container turntable lazy susan see through clear plastic circle semi enclosed wine

Turntable Food Storage Container, $19.90, IUIGA

As much as we wish we could have perfect visibility of everything in our cabinets, most people don’t have that luxury of space. Enter the turntable, also known as a lazy Susan. This spinning platform allows you to store things in a circle and simply turn the platform around to see what’s at the back. You can opt for a flat turntable or a semi-enclosed one depending on your preferences.

For those awkward corner cabinets, get your hands on a carousel, which incorporates handy swivel shelves. No more bending and stretching to reach that special bowl at the back of the cabinet!

Drawer organisers

squarerooms uppdatera pegboard drawer organiser ikea black cabinet organisation singapore ideas buy pots and pans divider

UPPDATERA Pegboard Drawer Organiser, $16, IKEA

Drawers come in all widths and heights, so you will likely require a variety of organisers to maximise the available space. For the large cookware drawer, get your hands on a pot lid organiser, which keeps all those wonky lids nicely in place. You can place a drawer mat underneath for extra stability.

No matter the type and size of your dishes, you can’t go wrong with a pegboard drawer organiser; since the pegs are movable, you can customise the storage space for a perfect fit. Round off your kitchen organisation with a classic cutlery tray and you’re good to go!