You Need these Avant-Garde Laminates in Your Home


From bold colours to soothing wood-grain patterns, Arova’s high-pressure laminates are the perfect combination of hard-wearing application and avant-garde design.

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Manufactured exclusively in South Korea, Arova’s wide collection of high-pressure laminates is made to last. A combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative design results in affordable high-pressure laminates that are yet seven times more resistant to heavy wear and tear than standard-grade laminates, providing exceptional quality without the hefty price tag. Pair this with the brand’s prompt delivery and outstanding service throughout the entire production chain and you’ve found yourself a real gem.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with Arova’s exciting laminate collections, boasting over 400 designs to choose from to match your ultimate dream interiors. These include sunny solids like Amazing Apricot and soft pastels like Cotton Candy, as well as over thirty wood-grain textures and leather, marble and metallic patterns. The best part? 80% of Arova’s laminates are antibacterial, making them the perfect choice for clean and hygienic countertops, cabinets, shelves, feature walls, wardrobes and even bathroom vanities.

squarerooms arova boxx laminates high pressure avant garde surfaces kitchen blue wood white marble floor

The brand’s Supreme Collection will particularly please those homeowners with a bold yet restful taste, stocking dusky shades like Blue and Sage, as well as gentle tones such as Ivorie and White. No need to worry about their durability either—scratch and chemical-resistant properties make the Supreme Collection a hard-wearing addition to even the busiest spaces in the house, while the laminates’ special coating keeps unsightly fingerprints at bay.

Looking to fit out more than just your surfaces? Round off your home’s makeover with Arova’s Boxx furniture fittings. From innovative hardware to kitchen lift systems and revolving shoe racks, the space solutions are endless, bringing you savvy design with a lifetime warranty for a practical and fuss-free home.

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This post was brought to you by Arova and adapted from an article originally published in Key To Your Home 2021.