Get The Best Of Both Form And Function In The Kitchen With This Updated Range Of Countertop Materials


Countertops are one of the most important elements in the kitchen, and selecting the perfect material for these surfaces is a serious decision. But besides choosing the base material, there is still the type of finish to consider, with the two most common finishes being matte and polished. The more common of the two, polished countertops have a glossy sheen to them, making it a stylish and elegant surface material that is also less porous than its counterparts thanks to the sealing process it undergoes. Conversely, matte countertops are smooth to the touch and are not as reflective or shiny, but are more porous and requires more frequent resealing than other finishes.

To cater to both sides of the market, Caesarstone has recently updated its Metropolitan collection with two new designs – 4023 Topus Concrete and 4044 Airy Concrete; and also reintroduced two popular surfaces –6313 Turbine Grey and the 6046 Moorland Fog – to the Supernatural collection.

4023 Topus Concrete

Brimming with character, 4023 Topus Concrete is a new addition to the Metropolitan collection that stuns with a patina inspired by topological strata – which are fossilised textures built up over time in veiled layers. Coupled with rugged textures that fully embrace the beauty of the industrial aesthetic, this surface is accentuated by a tinge of blush pink undertones that makes it an eye-catching feature in any home.


4044 Airy Concrete

Embracing the beauty of industrial imperfections, 4044 Airy Concrete reflects the intriguing textures commonly found in raw materials. Boasting a rough-hewn light grey base in a matte finish, this robust countertop injects contemporary aura, charm and rustic beauty into any space it is introduced in.


6046 Moorland Fog

A contemporary interpretation of classic natural stones, 6046 Moorland Fog encompasses a symphony of intricate veins in light and dark tones that give it a touch of luxury, making it an elegant and timeless choice that is also versatile for both modern and traditional homes.


6313 Turbine Grey

In a bid to capture the texture of genuine granite slabs, 6313 Turbine Grey’s muted grey base is accentuated by a nuanced palette of dark grey and white veins that have been arranged in a swirl pattern. Delivering a truly unique look, this trendy reflective surface is able to work with a wide range of materials under varying design concepts.


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