New Year, New Home! Revamp Your Space For 2020 With These New Surface Materials


A new year brings a fresh new start in your home, and it is the perfect time to relook at your home environment and think up ways to create a space that is efficient, inviting and invigorating. And because they take up the most real estate in any home, we’re showing you just how you can revamp your living space by simply changing out the surfaces in your abode.

Offering homeowners a myriad of choices, the updated collection of surface materials from Cosentino‘s Dekton Slim series now boasts an expanded portfolio, with 19 different colours in various finishes now available. Besides Sirius and Zenith (from the Solid collection); Nayla, Aura15, Opera, Edora, Sasea, Kovik, Sirocco, Bromo, and Kelya (from the Natural collection);  Lunar, Kreta, Trilium, and Laos (from the Industrial collection); there are four spectacular new colours from Dekton Slim XGloss added to the collection.


They comprise Halo (from the XGloss Solid series), Natura18 (from the XGloss Natural series), and Arga and Bergen (from the XGloss Stonika series). Featuring a polished exterior and a thickness of just 4mm, the ultra-compact surfaces inject elegance and a unique shine into any surface it is introduced to.

For example, fans of industrial-styled interiors and who want to recreate the same look for their own living space will especially love the Kreta, Trilium and Laos. With fine veining and shades of grey, these surfaces transform the aesthetic of rough, weathered textures into pieces that are smooth and stylish, ideal for contemporary homes of today.


Conversely, homeowners seeking for a more masculine and urban edge within their abodes can look towards Sirius and Bromo. Strong and evocative, these surfaces give kitchen designs an instant shot of style and sophistication. And if you want to recreate a look of luxury in your interior spaces, options like the Bergen and Kelya will definitely catch your eye.

Despite its ultra-thin 4mm profile, these Dekton Slim surfaces pack a powerful punch in terms of performance, for they have a high resistance to scratches and stains, coupled with low porosity levels and low liquid absorption rates. What’s more, the slabs can be cut to whichever size you prefer, offering homeowners unlimited customisation options for their interiors. It is also this lightness and reduced thickness that make these surfaces easier to handle and install, making it suitable for many different types of applications at home – whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, from the flooring to the countertop, and even on the walls.


For instance, all of the Dekton Slim surfaces are available in a large format of up to 126 x 56 inches, allowing them to cover larger areas with a minimal number of joints. This means that there are lesser areas in which dirt and grime can get caught between, which makes these surfaces a breeze to maintain. These materials can even be used to create furniture, like tables that resist any and all kinds of wear and tear; and doors that do not scratch or stain.


With such beauty and strength, the design possibilities of Cosentino’s new Dekton Slim range are endless, and will allow homeowners plenty of opportunities to curate bespoke interior designs that they love.

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